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Automobile industry

HBM measurement technology for the automotive industry.

01-01-automative-industry_400x300.jpgProduction, quality control or research and development measurement technology from HBM are widely used in solving various tasks in the automotive industry.

HBM measurement solutions for production and quality control in the automotive industry:


Perfectly matched components from the same manufacturer

The quality of the complete measuring chain is determined by the parameters and interaction of its components. Because of the need to solve a large number of different measurement tasks, these components often need to rearrange to get the desired comprehensive solution. But you risk nothing if you are using components from the same manufacturer:



  • maximum resolution and high accuracy
  • high sampling rate
  • Ethernet, USB, industry standard interfaces
  • TEDS (e-passport sensor)



Catman®AP ‒ only 20 seconds to receive the first measurement results
Catman®Professional ‒a comprehensive solution for collecting, visualizing, analyzing and documenting
Catman®Enterprise ‒ access to 10,000 measurement channels through a network client/server


Measurement solutions for development, production, testing and calibration


Strain gages, sensors, data acquisition systems and software from HBM provides you with measurement superior platform for conducting automated testing.

For example, consider a test bench for engines, test track or car crash test. In such applications, engineers require high-precision and validated measurement results. Thanks to the accuracy and reliability of its products, the company HBM can offer you virtually endless variety and measurement of configurations that meet the most stringent technical requirements in the design and manufacture in the automotive industry.

Special technological expertise and years of experience in the field of measurement technology, in particular in the automotive industry, doing HBM a natural partner for engineers responsible for testing cars.

HBM is one of the few companies in the world producing the complete measuring circuit and data acquisition systems: strain gauges and load cells to the measuring amplifier and professional software. HBM products sets the standard for accuracy in mechanics, modeling, analysis and automation of plant equipment.


01-05_Interior_400x300.jpgThe interior of the car should be the epitome of practicality and functionality. Sensors and amplifiers from HBM are used in the manufacture and quality control of doors and control systems:

  • Quality control and acceptance testing in the manufacture of seats
  • Quality control mechanical door locks
  • Manufacturing and testing of gear lever
  • Quality control of electric switches, electric window regulators and their elements

Active and passive safety

One of the key selection criteria when buying a car is safety. Company HBM makes security measurable. Test and measurement equipment from HBM is used for the following tasks:

  • Production and quality control of safety belts
  • Production and quality control of airbag systems

The body of the car

01-04_Car body_400x300.jpgWhether it's manufacturing or quality control of car body – obtaining reliable measured values is necessary. Test and measurement equipment from HBM is used in various applications in the manufacture of vehicle bodies.

For example:
  • Control the strength of the welding gun
  • Quality control and modern Assembly processes (riveting and punching-rivet system)
  • The production of shock absorbers and suspension systems

Tyres, brakes, driving dynamics

01-03-Tires, brakes, drivingdynamics_400x300.jpgSuch critical security components, such as tyres and braking systems, require reliable measurement results in production and quality control. Here you need a flexible test and measurement technology.

Examples of practical applications of measurement technology from HBM:

  • Manufacturing acceptance testing of the steering mechanism
  • The test at the end of the production line hydraulic brake system
  • Fabrication and testing of anti-lock braking system (ABS)
  • Quality control in the production of tires

Engine, transmission, gear box, propeller shaft

01-02-Engine_ transmission_drive train_input shaft_400x300.jpgIn the modern automotive industry, the engine, gearbox and transmission are constantly being improved and optimized. The leading machinery manufacturers in the production and quality control of these components is trusted measurement technology from HBM.

Obtaining accurate measurement results in the following processes:

  • The production of cylinder heads, including the control valve seat and rod valve tappet
  • Quality control in the production of pumps
  • Production systems diesel injection (Common Rail)
  • Core production switch gear for transmission
  • Manufacture and final inspection of gearboxes and transmissions