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Food industry

Weighed, packaged, ready-to-eat: precision weighing food


Today, production is dependent not only on the efficiency of the processes, but also on the degree of satisfaction of the needs of consumers, as well as from national and international health and sanitation requirements.

Increasingly, the importance of acquiring fresh and long-life products. A prerequisite for this is the production of hygiene. Whether dispensing processes, bottling or mixing - a cost-effective food production must be accompanied by reliable test and measurement technology, as well as easy-to-operate design execution.

Testing and measurement technology from HBM are used in various areas of the food industry - from production to packaging and distribution. See for yourself!

Products and Services

High-precision test results and easy to clean design.


Today, the technological processes in the food industry are characterized by a high degree of automation. There are special requirements for the accuracy of the test equipment used materials, as well as their hygiene. Are you looking for classic steel load cells? Or high-tech aseptic solutions in stainless steel with integrated sealed device safety stop?

We offer you the best solutions for your needs, from sensors to professional software:

  • Load cells
  • Industrial electronics, data acquisition systems, measuring amplifiers and software
  • Strain gages and accessories
  • Weighing Electronics

Aseptic load cells ... for hygienic production.

13-03_food-wei-aceptic_400x300.jpgThe company HBM has reached a new level in the design of easy to clean measuring equipment: aseptic load cell weight PW27 is the first and only in the world of sensor to be certified compliance with sanitary and hygienic norms of the European Group for the design of plumbing equipment and engineering EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering Design Group). weight sensors PW25 and PW27 have an innovative design that eliminates the corners and uneven surfaces. They are ideal for integration into production processes to strict sanitary safety requirements or aseptic systems. Take advantage of minimizing the cleaning time and reduce the production downtime - make your production more efficient.

Easy-clean load cell PW25 weight

Aseptic load cell PW27 weight

Platform weight sensors ... for manufacturers of scales.

Reliability, accuracy and security - worldwide leading company for the production of platform scales are choosing weight load cells. Take advantage offered platformal weight sensors, for example:

Quick installation through factory eccentric load compensation

High weighing speed thanks to its own high frequency

Fast scheduling, based on the available test protocols

Beam load cells ... to secure food production.

Whether weighing or dynamic weighing bunker - the original beam load cells from HBM universal. Many models are available with verification German National Metrology Institute (PTB) for commercial applications in the weights. Using beam sensors weights you can rely on reliable weighing results - for safe food production.

Digital load cells ... for dynamic weighing.

The digital load cells are ideal for use in dynamic problems, such as the balance components for sorting, testing or filling. Digital load cells perfectly adapted to the production processes with built-in control electronics.

Reliability, accuracy and security - digital sensors FIT® weight series have been specifically designed for dynamic processes. They allocate the maximum performance and at the same time, high precision.

Weight sensors with protection class IP69K ... good protection from moisture.

Protected against water weight sensors are required in applications where a constant exposure to moisture, especially when steam cleaners used for cleaning. The following weight load cells are ideal for these tasks and are available in the version with protection class IP69K:

Solutions for manufacturers of scales

Manufacturers of scales around the world rely on the weight of load cells from HBM. Therefore, from HBM weighing components are integrated into a variety of scales in the food industry. Take advantage of quality load cells from HBM:

  • The precision and reliability of the test results, as well as the use of commercial weighing
  • Guaranteed accuracy in mass production, even with an accuracy class C6
  • Protected materials such as stainless steel

Platform weight sensors

Packaging and bottling of food products

High-precision dosing, filling precisely to the specified mark: precision weighing is necessary for packaging and filling food. HBM load cells can be used in the following applications:

  • Food Portion scales
  • multihead weigher
  • Chekveyery (dynamic weighing system)
  • Paketonapolniteli
  • High powder filling machine
  • Nachinkonapolniteli

HBM offers a wide range of load cells. Digital load cells FIT series are capable of producing up to 1000 measurements per second, and are particularly well suited for dynamic weighing. Are you looking for a weight sensor that can be used for the aseptic filling of liquids? Aseptic load cell PW27 right choice.

Digital load cells

Platform weight sensors

Beam load cells

Food production

Stirring, mixing, separation: the nature of food production is the right combination of individual ingredients. Weight sensors from HBM can be used, for example, mixers, silos and bunkers. weight sensors can also be integrated in machines for food production, for example, in bakery equipment.
Manufacture of bakery products, meat processing and production of food concentrates, production of confectionery or drinks - HBM weighing technology is synonymous with quality and reliability. Aseptic load cell PW27 provides hygienic food production. These sealed weight sensors made of stainless steel, weighing precision and guarantee long life - even in areas of high humidity where there is risk of corrosion.

Beam load cells

Platform weight sensors