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Industry and manufacturing

Engineering and industrial manufacturing

The best solution for various industrial applications


The use of sensors and industrial amplifiers from HBM can improve the quality of Assembly processes such as riveting, punching or press-on.

The following are examples of industrial processes where control of plants of various types used complete measuring chain from HBM

Power generation

  • Monitoring of loads in power lines
  • Monitoring force in wind power systems
  • Monitoring the torque in the generators
  • Congestion control in powerful diesel engines

Functional tests

Improvement of quality and reduction of cycle time


Only 100% passing tests for quality control Your products will be a necessary condition for the expectations of Your customers.

Stringent requirements for such tests are often faced with the need to increase productivity. It is therefore extremely important to carry out tests on quality control without increasing the duration of the production cycle.

Standard hardware interfaces HBM enable you to installed in Your system, regardless of its age. Memory card installation accumulate data for rapid transmission of new measurement devices, with possible failure or faults.

Typical applications:

  • Testing of switches and operating controls in the driver's cab
  • Testing of switching devices and door locking mechanisms and high-quality household appliances
  • Measurement of force/displacement in the Assembly process steering columns
  • Testing of springs and dampers for the automotive industry
  • Test spray nozzle by using pressure sensors

Control machines

Shortening of process downtime


Production environment where the operating temperatures can vary from -15°C to +50°C, sets stringent requirements for measuring equipment. Test and measurement equipment from HBM are suitable for use in harsh conditions and provides the reduced downtime.

The suppression of interference signals contributes to reduced downtime of machines and mechanical devices. Test and measurement equipment from HBM standards for electromagnetic compatibility, and so it is not receptive and is not the cause of electromagnetic effects.

Furthermore, disturbance DC (thermoelectric and galvanic potential difference), interference from the mains (50Hz and harmonics) and high-frequency interference are not transferred through carrier frequency amplifiers.

Control mechanisms work:

  • Measurement of displacement and tension of the fabric in the textile industry
  • Measurement of tension of the paper web in printing presses
  • Measuring extremely high pressures in the process of water-jet cutting
  • Control/monitoring of filling systems
  • Load control of cranes and lifting mechanisms

Forming source materials

Uninterrupted production


To realize continuous production is possible by reducing downtime and failures. It is therefore advisable to use measuring equipment, which combines technologies such as the principle carrier frequency, 6-wire connection and the output signal of amplifying devices to increase accuracy and reliability.

The complex of these technologies, in combination with fast and high performance analysis in real time can increase overall performance by optimizing technological processes, and, consequently, more and more products will be produced over a shorter period of time. In particular, in the manufacture of medical products are particularly important reliability and safety.

Whether measurement with fast or slow speed with a narrow or wide dynamic range ‒ you can rely on the technology of HBM.

Primary molding a core material:

  • The control process of pressing tablets
  • Monitoring production CD
  • Control of the production process of the interior of vehicles


Improving the efficiency of production


According to the requirements of technical reliability, error of measurement should be excluded automatically or transferred to the operator (or PLC). Warning errors are transmitted in the form of warning signals or alarms and are used to protect the entire process, as well as to reduce the number of failures of machines.

In the processes of Metalworking, where the inevitable high impact and vibratory loads should be used only undergone extensive testing of test and measurement equipment, is able to reduce additional error and the number of outages.

The company is proud of HBM providing a rigorous test of their measuring equipment in accordance with industrial standards.

Typical applications:

  • Dimension maximum effort during the stamping of coins in a minting press
  • Rolling steel and paper pulp
  • Stamping metal components from pins to discs
  • Embossed


  • Measurement of the compaction efforts in the process of making coins, sheet metal, washers (gaskets)
  • Rolling steel sheet
  • Monitoring of large-size presses to the automotive industry

Assembly production



The connection of the two elements by pressing is a common practice. The quality control of components produced without the use of destructive testing, during Assembly process provides for simultaneous measurement efforts pressing and moving.

HBM has many years of experience with Assembly processes. This knowledge is embodied in the control and measuring equipment, which, in combination with standard industrial interfaces allows performance of all necessary tests.

Assembly production:

  • Riveting components and sheet metal
  • Press and countersunk riveting
  • Press fit bearings in gearboxes
  • The Assembly of the valve seat and krysok cylinder head
  • Multicomponent monitoring efforts in the Assembly process of aircraft structural elements