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About Us

KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) O܆is the exclusive representative of the German company Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbH (HBM Test and Measurement), in Russia, Estonia and the CIS countries (except Belarus).

Founded in 1950, HBM is today one of the leading companies in the development and manufacture of strain measuring equipment and solutions for testing, measurement and analysis.
HBM is a transnational company with production facilities in Germany, USA and China, headquartered in Darmstadt, Germany, and a network of offices in more than 60 countries.

Factories manufacturing equipment HBM:

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HBM†Darmstadt,Germany HBM†Marlborough, United States † † † † HBM†Suzhou, China

Range produced by the company HBM equipment encompasses the entire measuring chain from strain gages, optical strain gauges and sensors of mechanical quantities up to multi-channel data acquisition systems and software for measuring tasks of any complexity. The engineers of the company HBM can also manufacture sensors for the order, in accordance with the individual needs of clients.

Key technological developments and know-how of the company HBM are concentrated in the following areas:

  • resource, strength, functional tests and destructive testing of materials
  • experimental stress analysis
  • industrial automation and monitoring of production processes
  • torque measurement
  • industrial weighing technology.

The HBM equipment finds application in almost all industries where there are test, engineering, measuring tasks involving both physical testing and virtual testing and simulation.

HBM is Your partner for optimization of process cycles creation of new products. The company offers solutions for all stages of the production cycle:

  • design and optimization
  • testing and verification
  • of production and operation.

Worldwide HBM stands for reliability, precision and innovation. The policy framework of the HBM are innovation and quality control, as confirmed by hundreds of patents and the leading position of the company to comply with all required industrial standards in the production process. In 1986, the company HBM was the first German company to receive the certificate of quality management system in accordance with ISO9001 requirements. In 1996, the company successfully passed the environmental certification according to the DIN ISO14001.

Equipment HBM is used as references in international and national metrological institutes and appreciated by users all over the world. Even in continuous use highest quality products HBM provides high-precision measurements for many years.

Network of offices,†KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) O܆makes available the products of the company HBM in any point of †Estonia and CIS. We offer You a wide range of test and measurement, measuring equipment HBM: from simple strain gauges, and accessories to complete measuring systems, including precision load cells, electronics and software for the rapid collection and processing of measurement results.

Perfectly matched components from the same manufacturer will allow You to create highly accurate, reliable and efficient measurement system.

Working with us, you receive a number of benefits:


  • exclusive powers of our company to guarantee You supply only original products of the company HBM;
  • all components come "from one hand" and are fully compatible;
  • the quality of the products HBM is confirmed by the international certificate of conformity to quality management system ISO 9001 and environmental safety ISO 14001;
  • the HBM products, supplied to the Estonian and the CIS countries markets, are certified according to the EU standards and the national standards of the CIS countries;

  • metrological support

  • all received from†KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) O܆products are available HBM 2 years warranty


Contacting†KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) OÜ,†You will receive within 24 hours via mail, Fax or via the Internet:

  • commercial offer according to Your request
  • information about the availability of the requested products in stock at your nearest representative office of†KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) OÜ
  • information on the timing of delivery of the ordered equipment
  • notification of the arrival of Your cargo at the warehouse

If necessary, we will help You arrange an urgent shipment of Your equipment from the warehouses of representatives of†KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) O܆†in the day of Your treatment.

Technical support:

  • our employees are regularly trained in Germany at the head office of the company HBM (Darmstadt), which provides a comprehensive knowledge and timely study of the constantly updated products HBM
  • high qualification of employees and their specialization in the solution of measurement tasks allows to provide a high level of service and technical support ranging from questions of application of components in HBM measuring systems to complete solutions to Your problems "turnkey" in KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) O܆
  • has all the necessary technical documentation is in Russian, English and German languages, both in printed form and on electronic media all Russia supplied components, and product samples for testing in Your enterprise
  • for technicians there are regular ICT workshops and training on the basis of demonstration of equipment HBM in Germany and representative offices KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) OÜ
  • our employees conduct periodic road shows and technical advice on products HBM.

OEM program:

Enterprises with mass production and application of the components of the HBM program interaction:

  • a flexible system of discounts depending on the annual volume of purchases
  • individual scheme of payments and commodity credits
  • buffer stock at the offices of KontrollVahend ja Tehnika (KVT) O܆to ensure uninterrupted supply
  • priority of execution orders

Support To Universities:

Supporting the development of innovative technologies for educational purposes, we provide higher education institutions a significant discount on the equipment HBM (upon provision of an official letter from the University).

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