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The S9M force transducer from HBM to test the design of car seats

The S9M force transducer from HBM to test the design of car seats

Car seats should not only be convenient and easy to use, but, above all, safe. For market success it is necessary to conduct serious testing and research.

The Company C. Rob. Hammerstein (CRH) is a world leader in the production of automobile seats has developed an innovative concept for testing on the basis of measurement technology HBM.

First seat with electric height adjustment has been developed by the professionals of CRH in 1968, with the passage of time these car seats have become more comfortable and safer. This trend continues today. To achieve a high level of safety standards in the process of developing new components and models the company conducts a series of tests and research.

Components of the test setup

Instead of having to create expensive model for every possible application specialists

company CRH test components of the car seat separately before beginning work on the prototype design. The prototype is created only after we found the optimum combination of components. With the help of preliminary tests are determined by the loaded data. For this purpose, a typical Seating system is equipped with actuators and strain gages. The resulting pre-test data is used then the test setup. The test setup for the test run, linear actuator, servo and force sensor S9M. Using the simulated servo load linear motor. To simulate actual conditions used for the test load chart.

The quality of the test set depends on the used measuring equipment. That is why the specialists CRH prefer measuring equipment HBM. The S9M force sensor is placed in proximity to the actuator to measure the reaction force. The results of the comparison are transmitted to the PID controller, after which there is a corresponding setting of the servomotor.
The S9M force sensor in the test equipment

C. Rob. Hammerstein (CRH)

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