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The new secure modules quantumx's: reliable measurements in all operating conditions

The new secure modules quantumx's: reliable measurements in all operating conditions

The new secure modules quantumx's: reliable measurements in all operating conditions

Measurements in all conditions: reliable test results even under adverse environmental effect

During the testing of complex environmental conditions, such as extremely high humidity, abnormal temperatures and extremely strong vibration, require heavy-duty measuring and test equipment that can provide accurate measurement results. To match such high technical requirements the measuring equipment should be thoroughly tested before being used in the field. For example, the new secure element series power amplifiers HBM quantumx's company, we would like to describe the test procedures in more detail.
Consider the term heavy-duty performance. In protected modules of the quantumx's can provide operational durability and reliability when tested on rough terrain in all weather conditions?
At first glance, a sealed metal housing and robust connectors will be enough to create instrumentation that is suitable for any operating conditions. However, one of the primary tasks is the careful study of the target applications and specific environmental conditions, as they have a direct impact on the overall design of the measuring module. Suitable equipment in the heavy-duty version can be used as mobile or stationary or even in test laboratories in such specific industries as construction, mining, agriculture or marine environment.
Working in close cooperation with users, the company HBM collected and classified the typical load profiles and developed a number of filters that help to optimize data quality. Load profiles represent a combination of amplitudes and frequencies collected for a long period and different combination and the influence on the measuring equipment.


Company HBM conducts a series of environmental tests that simulate physically challenging situations that allow you to verify the reliability of the data acquisition modules in adverse conditions. Developed while standardized tests allow to obtain the feedback necessary during commissioning of the modules and to ensure reproducibility of results. For example, the module is fully functional, if the housing becomes damaged or breaks off a wire?
Many of these tests are conducted by the company HBM in the own accredited laboratory of climate and equipped with electro-mechanical shock and vibration,

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