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Weighing equipment, systems weighing hoppers.

Weighing equipment, systems weighing hoppers.

Weighing equipment, systems weighing hoppers.

The design of systems for weighing bins

1. Preliminary observations

When installing the weight sensors in the bunkers it is necessary to observe some General rules. Bins are often exposed to weather conditions, or any phenomena related to the production process. With the installation of bins vertically in open spaces (silos for storing grain, cement, coal etc.) in the project must be complied with the relevant building regulations. It must be remembered that the installation of your weighing system can also be seen as a significant change in building design. In such cases it is recommended to consult an engineer. Building regulations in respect of security corresponds to the present state of the art. For example, the wind sensors are described in DIN 1055 Part 4, "Allowable load for design elements".

Engineer-designer of bunkers should also be informed about the specific norms adopted by the company. Security is required even when working with bins that are under the roof if their content constitutes a danger or on-site storage of work trucks.

2. Load distribution

The optimal location of the sensors to determine the weight of the bins is achieved by finding the hopper to rest on three points of load application, when each support has a weight sensor. This condition is called static installation. The total load should be distributed more and more evenly across the three weight sensors. When working with a vertically mounted or suspended cylindrical hoppers the best way to accomplish this requirement by arranging three sensor weights at equal distances from the vertical axis of the hopper, in the same plane with a shift of 120° from each other.

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