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The use of torque sensors HBM in the development of new products, the company Sisu Axles

The use of torque sensors HBM in the development of new products, the company Sisu Axles

Work in conditions of high loads and torques – current requirements for automotive axles

Company Sisu Axles (Finland) is a manufacturer of planetary axles for different types of vehicles – from trucks and container handlers to military hardware. As you know, the drive axles are exposed to tremendous forces, especially when carrying heavy loads. The growing competition among manufacturers of motor vehicles leads to the creation of more economical and more efficient cars. Therefore, the modern automobile axle should be more durable and to ensure the transmission of large torques. To confirm that the new axis satisfy the growing demands of consumers, the development team of the company SisuAxles requires accurate measurement data.

The inaccuracy of the measuring data of the old test bench

For many years, the company Sisu Axles used a special test bench to simulate and measure the impact of various deformation loads on the drive axles. However, data on torque obtained from the stand did not meet the requirements of engineers as they are received from the control system by measuring electrical output signals of inverters.
New stand with sensors torque T40B from HBM
To increase the accuracy and facilitate measurement company Sisu Axles upgraded my test bench, setting him on torque sensors T40B from HBM. Test rig that allows simultaneous testing one axis or the component of the axis consists of a drive motor 193 kW and two electric motors 98 kW as a brake device that replaces the wheel. The drive motor simulates the vehicle engine, and braking devices - strained state caused by the load from the tires.
The team may, at its discretion, to change the test parameters, for example, using a braking device as drive motors and adding any transfer devices that are required to specify the desired ratios.

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