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Designed specifically for the food industry: new aseptic load cell PW27 from HBM weight

Designed specifically for the food industry: new aseptic load cell PW27 from HBM weight

Designed specifically for the food industry: new aseptic load cell PW27 from HBM weight

The company Bilwinco is the leading manufacturer of multihead weighing batchers. The company's headquarters is located in Skanderborg (Denmark), where in the early 1960s and was invented and introduced to market the first multihead weigher. Today, this method of weighing is widely distributed in the packaging industry worldwide, thanks to its high speed and precision batch dispensing.

The unique design of the multi dispenser enables you to distribute products for numerous weighing modules with vibration and centrifugal forces, and not separately, in the usual form on the conveyor belt. This method is most preferred for use in the food industry where every product needs to be moved efficiently and carefully, especially wet, sticky or delicate food, requiring careful handling, such as fish, meat or vegetables.

High demands on the used measuring equipment.

In the development in 2012 of a new type multihead dosing series Revolution company Bilwinco faced the challenge of finding the right load cell weight, which was specially developed for the food industry. When you select the load cell Bilwinco was guided by specific technical requirements. This sensor must be reliable and provide high accuracy in accordance with standards with an accuracy of just a few grams. In addition, the load cell shall have an aseptic design that would meet the highest sanitary standards.

He who seeks will find: aseptic load cell PW27 weight.

Specialists in instrumentation HBM recommended Bilwinco a new patented load cell PW27 weight, innovative design which eliminates the edges and uneven surface, and the surface of case is made of antibacterial stainless steel.

The PW27 load cell is also approved for use with foodstuffs in accordance with the rules of the test equipment are hygienic EHEDG (European group for design of sanitary-technical equipment and engineering). Received certificate ensures that the sensor complies with the main provisions of the European Directive on machinery, mechanisms and machinery.

"The PW27 load cell gave the best results in our new multi batcher. It provides speeds of up to 220 weighings per minute with an accuracy that allows to significantly reduce the amount of waste product. Rigorous testing conducted by the Danish technological Institute showed that the sensor is most suitable for hygienic industries," says Claus Pedersen, CEO of Bilwinco

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