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Use the espressoDAQ from HBM in field testing new pfaffi fin

Use the espressoDAQ from HBM in field testing new pfaffi fin

Use the espressoDAQ from HBM in field testing new pfaffi fin

The company's solutions for NVM malacanang strain gauge measurements.
With perfect fin towards records Windsurfing. 
Test and measurement equipment from HBM helps the research group of the University of Vienna to develop a new fin for Windsurfing boards: field testing in tough conditions to create faster surfboards.
That allows you to set new speed records in Windsurfing? Besides the dexterity and skill level of surfers, which no doubt is a major contribution to the establishment of speed records, this is the fin that attaches to the bottom of the surfboard. To create a "perfect fin" students of the Vienna University of applied Sciences in the framework of the research project had a number of exciting challenges. As the data acquisition system when conducting field tests on Board used ultra-compact USB amplifier espressoDAQ from HBM.
It is no secret that some measurement projects, there are specific requirements: this applies to both test equipment and personnel directly conducting the measurement.
Field measurements on the fins G1 (pfaffi fins company) for serifbrdiv was held on the initiative of chief engineer Peter Pfaffenbichler (www.pfaffi.at). For the implementation of key parts of the project were answered by five students of Vienna University of applied Sciences. To make the collection of measurement data at the seven measurement points at speeds up to 50 kilometers per hour it took the involvement of a professional surfer.

Challenging nature: it was Necessary that the strain gauges installed on the fin, and measuring equipment in a backpack and a surfboard (laptop and measuring amplifier) are protected from water, and therefore can provide "waterproof" measuring results in the truest sense of the word. Underrated high-tech component of a surfboard.
The research team hopes to look at test inside will help to further improve the fin. Despite the fact that are installed on each surfboard fins are a high-tech components, they are often developed by trial and error. Mandatory systematic testing in field and laboratory conditions for the optimization of the components, the standard procedure when testing many other components and assemblies, is quite rare.

Thanks to the results of your research project for future engineers of the University of applied Sciences want to change the situation ‒ they seek to allow a surfboard to "climb on the crest of a wave". For this reason, the excitement was almost as tangible as during the world Cup of surfing, when in October 2012 in gusty wind surfboard was tested on lake Neusiedl in Austria.

Testing was conducted on the surf Board Formula 167 Wide Starboard from. In total, the fin at the bottom of the Board was established seven strain gages: three types of XY41 strain gauges (resistance of 350 Ohms) to measure torsion/shear and four types of linear LY41 strain gauges (resistance of 350 Ohm) for measuring strain.

The strain gages were integrated into the fin of a laminated karboplasta, allowing it to maintain its hydrodynamic characteristics.

"Waterproof" results with espressoDAQ amplifier
Connected to the netbook ultra-compact USB amplifier EspressoDAQ from HBM was used for data acquisition and analog-digital conversion.
Module DQ430 espressoDAQ series is a dynamic amplifier for bridge and half-bridge strain gauge sensors. The module can be easily connected to PC and laptops through USB interface to its maximum sample rate is 40 000 MEAs./sec.
Through field trials on the lake were obtained the data necessary for the development of the test stand, which will allow to reconstruct and replay of measurement data from full-scale test. The results of series of trials allowed the researchers to make the necessary changes to the design and to optimize the fin, and therefore may reach higher speeds on the World Cup.

Reliable test and measurement equipment is what is really important in situations when measurements cannot fail and where there is no or very little opportunity for repetition of the test. In these tasks, the espressoDAQ amplifier provides operational reliability and ease of use.

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