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Custom Sensors: Designed to meet your unique requirements ...

If you have special requirements for your measurements, why notrely on transducers and sensors that optimally matchyour specific application? We develop and manufacturecustomized transducersfor you that meet your specifications. Benefit from themarket leader's experienceand competence to get your custom-designed sensor.

Measureforce, torque, pressure, strainorweightusing customized transducers from HBM - also available asmulti-component transducers!

Benefit from the provenhigh quality,delivery reliabilityandglobal availabilityyou already know from our standard range of products.

  • Flexible design and quantity- be it small or large quantities. With or without amplifier - it's your choice
  • Quick development and manufacturing- Rapid engineering and rapid prototyping make it possible
  • Reliablethrough our competentAfter Sales service, two-year warranty, DKD calibration and ISO9001 certification

... at an excellent price/performance ratio!