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FASTpress Suite



 FASTpress Suite ‒ software for industrial applications from HBM. It is perfect in combination with the industrial amplifier MP85A FASTpress and MP85A-S EASYswitch.

FASTpress Suite is a complete software package for monitoring Your industrial processes.

PME Assistant

PME Assistant used for easy starting and reliable monitoring of the production system. PME Assistant works with the following modules PME: MP01, MP30, MP55, MP60, MP70DP

Description of packages and functions

PME Assistant

Additional modules forPME-Assistant

Professional visualization

Programming tools

· A number of functions for starting and monitoring the production process

· Save data

· Visualization

· Display report

· Diagnostics


Administration and store the parameters in the PME Assistant


The imaging and storing of the processed data to the operator terminals and industrial PCs with Windows XP, CE, Mobile (created using the MP85A Toolkit)

MP85 Toolkit

Software libraries to create your own applications and use of existing monitoring processes based on existing software interfaces with the help of technology Microsoft.NET


· Convenient evaluation of the production process

· Collection of statistics for sequential processing

· Formation of the optimal evaluation criterion for MP85A

· Build reports and export files


Comprehensive monitoring of the production process and its visualization. Automatic generation of envelopes, and the Windows of tolerance.

Archiving of data and print a report (created using the tools MP85A)

MP85A Runtime

Single software license for unlimited use of development tools at database .NET

Additional modules

Additional modules are used to automatically optimize Your evaluation criteria, for static monitoring processes for simplified management processes.

03-03-ps000089_640x480.jpgIntegration into existing systems

The measuring electronics or software: products and solutions from HBM can be easily integrated into existing systems, such as software interfaces in PLC systems.

You want to get the latest key information from the production line at any time? No matter where you are, You can always connect to HBM industrial software through any mobile device such as PDAs.