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00-catAP_640x480.jpgCatmanAP - is the new generation software for easy data collection and analysis. It is similar to working with office software, everything is clear on an intuitive level. While the software is incredibly powerful and can be used to solve the most complex tasks both in industry and in research work. This software is designed to work with measuring amplifiers from HBM: quantumx's, MGCplus, espressoDAQ, CANHEAD, eDAQ, eDAQlite, PMX and Spider8 MGCsplit.

01_catAP_.jpgCatmanAP is a set of high performance modules, which can be applied for different measuring tasks. Each module is focused on a specific field of application and solving specific problems. The combination of modules forms a flexible, powerful network software package CatmanAP, which allows to achieve high performance.


  • CatmanEasy basic software
  • EasyMath ‒ module to perform various types of mathematical analysis. The results can be printed, visualized or exported.
  • EasyScript ‒ module to create scripts for measuring user tasks
  • EasyPlan ‒ module for offline configuration
  • EasyVideocam ‒ the integration module of the camera


Whether testing components, research work or mobile data collection ‒ CatmanAP ensures the reliability and accuracy of the measurements!