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The software CatmanEasy allows you to more quickly and easily to solve various measuring tasks. With an intuitive user interface, the measurement run is carried out in several clicks of the mouse button. Take advantage of the simplified configuration of the amplifier using TEDS (electronic passports sensor) or the base of the sensor with the option of adding your own sensors and you can immediately start measurements. Many options of graphical analysis and various export options make CatmanEasy, reliable and indispensable tool for all professionals working in the field measurements.

This software is designed to work with measuring amplifiers from HBM: quantumx's, MGCplus, espressoDAQ, CANHEAD, eDAQ, eDAQlite, MGCsplit, Spider8 and PMX.

CatmanEasy basic software


Thanks CatmanEasy to conduct specialized measurements.

  • Amp setting by TEDS (the electronic passport sensors) or sensors database
  • Options for the graphical display: digital display, analog scale (bar graph) indicator, strip chart, text and led, table object, background picture
  • Export of charts of measurement results in different formats (e.g., Word)
  • Virtual channels for calculations in real-time (algebraic operations, including differentiation and integration, analysis of strain gage rosettes)
  • Monitoring of limit values and events
  • Analysis graphic data and registration
  • Video analysis (synchronization of measurement and video data)
  • Export data in formats Excel, ASCII, DIAdem, nSoft
  • Work with systems: MGCplus, MGCsplit, Spider8

You can extend the software CatmanEasy, by purchasing additional modules:

EasyMath ‒ the add-on module for mathematical calculations to confirm the reliability of the results of Your tests.


Independent computation channels (algebraic calculations, including differentiation and integration)

Frequency analysis (spectral analysis)

Filters and averages the floating-point

Analysis of stress state strain gage analysis (strain gage rosettes)

Research plots curves)

Generate serial data.

AutoSequence ‒ the add-on module for automating repetitive measurement or analysis steps.


Graphical determination of the individual measuring cycles

Automated data analysis

Control of the measuring cycles in the test systems

Work with the cycles manually or automatically, for example, before each measurement or after it, after each reading of the measuring data, etc.

EasyPlan ‒ additional module for offline configuration, which allows you to easily pre-configure the system for a specific measuring task without need of connecting the amplifier to the PC.

EasyPlan.png Preparation of measurements even without an amplifier

Full parameter setting and measuring tasks in offline mode.

EasyLog ‒ additional module for recording measurement data on a memory card or hard disk (in combination with MGCplus amplifiers) in stand-alone mode.

EasyLog.png Setting the channel and measurement parameters on PC

Download configuration MGCplus with one touch

Offline measurement on the memory card MGCplus

Parallel measurement (device for measurement data on the memory card, export to other formats)

EasyScript ‒ the add-on module is intended for creation of scripts for measuring user tasks, for example, in the case of independent development of specialized dimensions or stages of the analysis, making thus the integration of new functions into CatmanAP. EasyScript is based on the standard Microsoft VBA.

EasyScript.png Integration of individual algorithms (e.g., mathematical functions or export filters)

Programming special measuring cycles for test installations

Development of user interfaces

Basis: standard programming language VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).