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Perception ‒ this advanced software for high-speed data acquisition systems DAQ series GEN.

Genesis HighSpeed offers extremely high sample rate ‒ from 100 thousand to 100 million measurements per second per channel. IN Perception allows you to instantly process the gigabytes of data measured.

01-perception_Investigate details and display test pictures_640x480.jpgDistinctive features FOR Perception

  • Easy to install professional analysis and visualization of results
  • Powerful analytic capabilities ‒ more than 70 types of functions
  • A report by one click or create your own reporting formats

Convenience and ease of use

02-GEN2i_Prception.jpgGraphic setting of the amplifier and the summary tables provide control parameters for small and large number of channels. Built-in intelligent features ensure the settings are correct. A special interface adapted for GEN2i.



The modular architecture provides the ability of adaptation under tasks of the customer. FOR Perception has all the necessary options with the possibility of adding more features and intuitive user interface.

Data management

04-perception_Review while recording lets you analyze data_640x480.jpgSimple data management using drag and drop (drap&drop), multicursor, double zoom, and calculator. Data export to MS Office one-button. Information display 100 GB in 10 seconds thanks to the technology StatStream.