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PanelX software for weighing tasks

Special features

PanelX: the new software for the weighing task

  • PanelX – new software company HBM, specially designed for industrial weighing.
  • PanelX has an intuitive user interface, with which you can quickly carry out all the necessary settings, measuring equipment, HBM.
  • The combined use of weighing equipment and PanelX will fully unlock the potential of your measurement projects, especially for highly dynamic tasks when you need to track the digitized measurement results.
  • In addition to the function configuration of the measurement parameters, PanelX provides additional features to optimize the production cycle (research, design, production, operation/maintenance).

Overview of responsibilities:Calibration of the measurement system.

  • Selection and scanning of industrial interfaces (address bus and data transmission speed).
  • Setting measurement parameters using the menu.
  • Graphical analysis and visualization of measurement results.
  • Visualization of measurement and control signals (triggers).
  • Support commissioning of automatic weighing devices such as cequery, packaging systems, dispensers and support the basic functions of multihead weighers.
  • Various analytical functions (including Fourier transform for frequency analysis) for the analysis and optimization of dynamic processes.
  • Export and import settings of the instrument and analysis of data arrays.
  • Online built-in help system (including questions of functionality, interfaces and command sets).

Supported types of weighing equipment HBM

Weight electronics series AED/AD

  • AED9101C-Z2/22
  • AED9101D
  • AED9201B
  • AED9301B
  • AED9401A
  • AED9501A
  • AD105C

Weight electronics series PAD

  • PAD400xA

Digital weight sensors series FIT

  • FIT/5, FIT5A
  • FIT7A

Digital weight sensors series PW15

  • PW15AHi
  • PW15iA

Digital weight sensor series C16i