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Special features

nCode is the leading software solution for durability analysis and fatigue of materials and structures.

NCode software offers the best solutions for durability analysis and fatigue of materials and structures and consists of nCode GlyphWorks® for graphical data processing, nCode DesignLife™ for analysis tasks fatigue characteristics in CAD and nCode Automation for automated design data storage and reporting. nCode CDS ‒ Complete Durability System ‒ is a cost-effective licensed method of providing flexible access to a wide range of desktop software products licensed through "modules CDS".

Software from HBM nCode helps:

  • Engineers testing to maximize the significance of measurement data by carrying out the rapid analysis and sharing of data.
  • Designers to make the right engineering solutions while ensuring optimum performance of the product.
  • Departments on maintenance and project managers in understanding the degree of intensity of use of the product to reduce costs and prevent unforeseen failures.

nCode GlyphWorks

01-nCode_Glyphwork_Powerful vibration analysis_.jpgnCode GlyphWorks ‒ is a powerful data processing system for analysing the results of technical trials. Designed specifically for processing large amounts of data IN GlyphWorks provides a graphical technologically-oriented working environment. Users can easily generate the sequence of analysis performed by "drag and drop" multiple modules. In addition to General signal processing, GlyphWorks provides high-performance analysis of the fatigue characteristics.

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nCode DesignLife

02-nCode_DesignLife-Loading replicates service conditions_.jpgnCode DesignLife is a leading tool in the world of software for analysis tasks fatigue characteristics in CAD. DesignLife allows to determine fatigue life based on simulation, making possible to assess the reliability of the developed product and to avoid costly design changes. It is compatible with such widely used finite element software analysis systems like ANSYS, NASTRAN, Abaqus etc.

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nCode Automation

03-nCode_Automation_wide range of analysis_.jpgnCode Automation is a full-featured environment for automated design data storage and reporting. Automation also provides a collaborative web interface for the exchange of experimental data and related information throughout the organization. nCode Automation is a software environment for studying large arrays of experimental data and the joint usage of the information received.

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