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Universal two-channel amplifier MP85A-S EASYswitch

Special features

  • 100% quality control of the checking process
  • Powerful algorithms for acquiring and assessing switching points and closing actions
  • Universal twin-channel amplifier for many commercially available sensors with TEDS sensor detection
  • Memory function for results, curves and device settings
  • Convenient integration into the automation system by means of standardized fieldbus interfaces

Switch checking device for production and laboratory

With EASYswitch, the switching characteristics of the switching elements and closing systems are recorded by means of force/displacement or torque/angle of rotation sensors. Tactile feedback when operating push buttons and rotary actuators, as well as the switching characteristics of single pole or multipole voltage switches can be objectified and documented.

With the MP85A(DP)-S EASYswitch, quality assurance can be integrated into the checking process. EASYswitch includes all the functions necessary for 100% checking, together with user-friendly, flexible software that allows the user to configure variable test sequences without in-depth programming knowledge.

Performance features and advantages:

  • Simple configuration and commissioning with the free parameterization and visualization software PME Assistant. Download from www.hbm.com −> Support −> Software
  • Precise standard-compliant process analysis to meet requirements
  • Flexible system for monitoring different workpieces, 1000 different device settings and 1000 different workpieces/processes can be stored
  • Storage of results, curves and statistics, as well as the device settings in the device itself on a memory card or external PC
  • Continuous traceability thanks to integrated process control and the statistics functions of the stored processes
  • Integration via digital inputs/outputs or integrated fieldbus interfaces to primary control systems, such as a PLC control or process control systems
  • Flexible application, tailored for use at manual workstations
  • Expansion of existing machines and retrofitting of test systems possible

Universal two-channel amplifier MP85A-S EASYswitch - datasheet PDF, 1 Mb