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Special features

  • Rack mount 19" mainframe
  • 16 slots for acquisition cards
  • Accepts any mix of GEN DAQ acquisition cards
  • Up to 512 analog channels
  • 100 MB/s continuous streaming rate
  • 1 GBit optical Ethernet
  • 10 Gbit optical Ethernet with 200 MB/s continuous streaming rate
  • IRIG/GPS time synchronization
  • Master/Slave synchronization

GEN16t is a robust rack mount transient recorder and data acquisition system and part of the proven GEN DAQ series data acquisition systems. GEN16t comes with a high-speed standard 1 Gbit Ethernet interface capable of streaming recorded data directly to the PC at data rates up to 100 MB/s. Optional 1 Gbit Optical Ethernet allows isolated control of the mainframe as well as cable lengths up to 10 km while maintaining the full streaming performance. The optional 10 Gbit optical Ethernet interface raises the streaming rate to 200 MB/s to allow higher streaming speed.

When more reliable or distributed storage of recorded data is required the GEN16t mainframe supports a built-in Solid State Disk or can store recorded data directly on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device.

To synchronize the absolute time to other systems the GEN16t supports the optional IRIG and IRIG/GPS card while synchronizing multiple GEN DAQ systems can be done using the optional Master/Slave card.

GEN16t is configured and controlled using Perception software. This combination results in a sophisticated instrument for ultra-fast recording, analysis and reporting.

GEN16t System

Interface/Controller Module

Standard integrated in every GEN DAQ mainframe creates central time base and synchronization.

Acquisition Slots

Unused slots must be covered using the GEN DAQ blank panel. This closes the mainframe front panels for EMC/EMI and safety compliance but also regulates the internal airflow for correct cooling of the acquisition system.

Number of acquisition card slots


Acquisition cards

All slots support any combination of GEN DAQ acquisition boards

Master/Slave card

1; Master/Slave board supported in Slot A only

Digital Event/Timer/Counter connector


Thermal control

Every acquisition board and the Interface/Controller module monitors its own temperatures and status. This is used to regulate fan speeds and reduce noise while optimizing airflow and power consumption.


Any changes to the acquisition system configuration, may change its internal thermal gradients. As accurate calibration relies on a steady and repeatable thermal environment, calibration will be void if changes are made in the configuration.

Master/Slave slot

Acquisition card Slot A has special features to add one optional Master/Slave card. When Master/Slave card is installed this slot can not be used for Acquisition cards.

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