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Special features

  • built-in the PC mainframe
  • reliability, and portability
  • three card slots data collection
  • the ability to work with any combination of cards to collect data GEN DAQ
  • up to 96 analog channels
  • speed continuous data stream of 200 MB/s
  • synchronized recording using two GEN3i mainframe and GEN2i
  • remote operation from external PC
  • software Perception Standard with a user interface based on operating system Windows for in-depth analysis

GEN3i is a universal portable data logger, which also has all the capabilities of the Registrar of transients. Hardware tools of the Registrar presented a fully functional energy-saving PC (Intel Core i5 3rd generation Windows®) with a large touch screen, high resolution and reliable data acquisition module with 3 slots. GEN3i have the same form factor as its predecessor, GEN2i, it also has a large number of channels and higher processing power. GEN3i laid in five different languages of Windows® and eight different languages of Perception.

The dashboard is designed for use as a field device or in the laboratory Registrar GEN3i has unique touch interface of the Instrument Panel. Any function activated with one touch, which is convenient when continuous operation. In addition, for data processing in GEN3i embedded software Perception Standard. One touch data logger turns into an instrument designed to analyze and create complex reports.

GENBinaryMarkerCT - datasheet PDF, 0.11 Kb
GENBasic200KXTISODig - datasheet PDF, 0.07 Kb
GENBasic200KDig - datasheet PDF, 0.07 Kb
GENBasic1MXTISODig - datasheet PDF, 0.07 Kb
GENBasic1MISODig - datasheet PDF, 0.07 Kb
GEN series_mainframes and options - datasheet PDF, 0.09 Kb
7600IsolDigitizer&Receiver - datasheet PDF, 0.55 Kb
16-32ChBasicCard20 - datasheet PDF, 1 Mb
Isolated Digitizer 6600 - datasheet PDF, 0.13 Kb
ISOBE5600CalibKit - datasheet PDF, 0.24 Kb
ISOBE5600 - datasheet PDF, 0.79 Kb
GENBridge200KISODig - datasheet PDF, 0.13 Kb
GENBinaryMarkerHVISO - datasheet PDF, 0.17 Kb
GEN3t - datasheet PDF, 4 Mb
GEN3t - datasheet