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QuantumX CX22W

Special features

  • Stand-alone data acquisition
  • Connection of QuantumX modules, GPS, camera, touchscreen
  • Easy system configuration: trigger, computation, virtual channels, signal analysis
  • Many interfaces: LAN, WLAN (CX22B−W), USB, digital I/O
  • (Touch)screen connection: DVI
  • Supply voltage (DC): 10 V ... 30 V, no fan

Installed software


Devices that can be connected

All QuantumX- and SOMATXR- modules,

GPS sensor (USB, RS232), CAN bus (via MX840B, MX471B),

Automotive wheel force transducers (Kistler System2000 via Ethernet; AND, MTS, others via CAN),

Peripheral devices: USB sticks, keyboard + mouse, video cameras, touchscreen, wireless router

(LTE, UMTS, EDGE), printer

Max. signal count

Analog channels, digital protocol data



FireWire, Ethernet (NTP, PTP with PTP switch), EtherCAT (CX27), IRIG-B (MX840B input)

System configuration / data access

Remote access via software ”HBM Device Scan”, direct connection to a PC (Ethernet or WLAN) or to LAN / WAN (DHCP) networks,

data access via Windows Explorer, via wireless router (GPRS, UMTS, LTE)

Channel configuration

Manual, via integrated sensor database (all typical transducers, CAN DBC database)

Automatically via TEDS (data sheet in the sensor), Microsoft Excel, project file

Data logging / start and end

Manual, via signal thresholds (limit values), after power−on (restart of storage in the event of voltage loss and reboot)

Trigger signals

Analog, bus signal, calculated signals, digital input (0 / 1)

Trigger type

Edge (rising, falling), level (above, below)

End of recording

Manual, triggered (post), timing, number of measured values, memory full

Number of data rates


Example: 10 S/s, 1 kS/s and 100 kS/s and in parallel ultra low sample rate (example: 4 S/hour)

Online signal calculation

Arithmetic, root, rms value, logic, trigonometry, integral, differential, exponential, logarithm,

filters, rosette calculation, frequency analysis (FFT + trigger)

Scope of recording

Selected signals, metadata (sensors, measurement configuration, test parameters), statistics log

Recording mode

Standard (catmanÒ BIN)

Periodic storage without loss of data,

long-term measurement (cycle with counter and duration), peak values only (interval),

ring buffer (up to 10 minutes), statistic log (ASCII)


10 sequential recording configurations (measurement jobs), repetitions

Data format / storage format

HBMcatmanÒ binary format (BIN), FastStream, for highly

dynamic measurements and / or robust in case of sudden power interruption (only last data block lost).

Data export / storage format

ASCII, Microsoft Excel, MTS (RPC III) MathWorks MATLAB (MAT) HBM nCode (DAC), ASAM MDF 3.0/4.0, NI DIAdem (DAC)


Function keys on the keyboard, automatic tests: Easy Script based on VBA

(Required for author stage: EasyScript upgrade or on the host PC. No software upgrade required for running on the

data recorder)

Data storage

Internal SSD (32 GB),

exchangeable CFast 2.0 (8 GB included in package), USB stick, external USB hard disk (USB 2.0 or 3.0)

Data transfer

Backed-up to a data server via FTP service to be installed

Screen or remote control

Online display

Screen recommendation

Freely configurable display and control levels (panels) in full-screen mode

1024 x 768 pixels DVI digital


Control via function keys

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