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Special features

  • 24 digital inputs/outputs, 12 wide-range inputs, 18 configurable pulse counters and up to two independent vehicle bus module interfaces
  • Optional GPS communications port designed to work with SoMat GPS devices

The SoMat EDIO Digital Input/Output Layer is an extremely versatile layer that supports digital input/output (I/O), pulse counter, vehicle bus and optional GPS channels. The EDIO layer offers 24 channels that can be used as digital inputs and outputs, 12 channels dedicated to wide-range inputs and 18 integrated configurable pulse counters. One layer can also support up to two independent vehicle bus modules (VBM).

The digital I/O channels are grouped into three functionally identical banks (A, B and C). Each bank contains three SoMat M8 female bulkhead connectors of four digital I/O channels (i.e., bits). The eight channels on connectors |1-4| and |5-8| are individually configurable to be either inputs or outputs. The four channels on connector |9-12| are dedicated wide-range input channels. Each connector also provides two pulse counter channels for a total of six pulse counter channels per bank. When configured for VBM use, the first two connectors (|1-4| and |5-8|) on bank A become dedicated VBM interfaces.

The pulse counters support pulse time period, pulse on time period, pulse rate counting and quadrature decoder. The pulse rate and quadrature decoder functions count range spans four billion counts for signals of frequencies up to 1 MHz. Pulse width period and pulse on period functions use a 5 MHz (200 nanosecond resolution) clock. The EDIO layer measures frequency inputs as low as 0.001176 Hz.

SoMat eDAQ EDIO - datasheet PDF, 0.14 Kb