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Special features

  • Conditions and amplifies output to a high level signal for use with the SoMat EHLS or ELHLS
  • Strain gage conditioning with support for 1/4-, 1/2- and full-bridges
  • Ability to store transducer calibration information for automatic identification in TCE

The SoMat SMSTRB Strain SMART Module is a part of a family of SoMat signal conditioners for the eDAQ EHLS and the eDAQlite ELHLS layers. The SMSTRB provides excellent strain gage with support for quarter-, half- and full-bridge configurations. As an external module, the SMSTRB is like taking a piece of the eDAQ hardware and placing it next to the application. A digital line communicates with the eDAQ or eDAQlite for setup and calibration and the module conditions and amplifies the output to a high level signal. Sending a high level signal has several advantages, including the elemination of lead wire resistance and protection of the signal integrity from noise. These benefits are numerous across many applications from bridge monitoring with 50-meter leads over a structure to heavy equipment with long leads in a noisy environment. The SMSTRB also provides two shunt calibration resistors per channel with software selectable shunt direction for either upscale (-Sig to -Ex) or downscale (-Sig to +Ex) calibrations.

Additionally, as a SMART Module, the SMSTRB can be programmed to store transducer identification and calibration information. An eDAQ hardware query automatically identifies the module and loads the channel and its calibration in TCE (Test Control Environment). The module also contains a partition in its flash memory for storing pass-through information such as physical location or associated vehicle for the transducer. The external LED allows for easy module identification when queried from the software.

The SMSTRB module includes a male and female M8 connector. Use of the module requires an Extension Cable.

SoMat eDAQ SMSTRB - datasheet PDF, 0.11 Kb