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SoMat eDAQlite ELBRG

Special features

  • 4 simultaneously-sampled, low-level differential analog inputs from ±0.000625 to ±10 V
  • 96 automatic gain states ensuring use of the fullest possible A/D converter range
  • Sampling rates up to 100 kHz
  • 16-bit A/D converter per channel across full-scale range
  • 25 kHz, 8-pole analog Butterworth low-pass filter
  • Software selectable sample rates, digital filtering, excitation voltage and shunt resistance

The SoMat eDAQlite ELBRG Bridge Layer offers four simultaneously sampled low-level differential analog inputs through independent connectors. An extremely versatile layer; the ELBRG layer works with both amplified and unamplified transducers including: strain gauges, accelerometers, pressure transducers, load cells, and other general analog signals. The ELBRG provides excellent strain gage conditioning with support for quarter-, half- and full-bridge configurations. Automatic balancing and gain settings as well as software selectable sample rates, excitation, and digital filtering; simplify the set-up of a strain channel. There are several calibration options including defined value, external and multipoint calibrations as well as shunt calibrations with embedded software tools. The ELBRG also provides four shunt calibration resistors per channel with software selectable shunt direction for either upscale (-Sig to -Ex) or downscale (-Sig to +Ex) calibrations.