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SoMat eDAQlite ELHLS

Special features

  • 4 simultaneously-sampled, high-level differential analog inputs from ±0.0625 to ±74.9 V
  • 64 automatic gain states ensuring use of the fullest possible A/D converter range
  • Sampling rates up to 100 kHz
  • 16-bit A/D converter per channel across full-scale range
  • 25 kHz, 8-pole analog Butterworth low-pass filter
  • Software selectable sample rates, transducer power and digital filtering

The SoMat ELHLS eDAQlite High Level Analog Layer (1-ELHLS-B-2) offers four simultaneously sampled high-level differential analog inputs through independent connectors. The ELHLS can inherently handle any analog input from ±74.9 volts and, together with the SoMat SMART conditioning modules, constitutes a real multi-purpose layer. The ELHLS is compatible with practically any input including thermocouples, strain gages, accelerometers, microphones and amplified and un-amplified transducers. Software selectable sample rates, transducer power and digital filtering simplify the set-up of any channel. There are also several calibration options including defined value, external value and multipoint calibrations.

Includes four (4) 1-SAC-TRAN-MP-2-2 Transducer Cables with a male SoMat M8 connector and tinned pigtail wires for transducer wiring.