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SoMat eDAQlite ELNTB

Special features

  • 16 channels of non-isolated thermocouple signal conditioning
  • Independently configure channels for K-, J-, T- or E-type thermocouple
  • Sampling rates up to 100 kHz
  • Excellent channel-to-channel accuracy

The SoMat ELNTB eDAQlite Non-Isolated Thermocouple Layer (1-ELNTB-2) measures temperatures on 16 channels of non-isolated thermocouple signal conditioning through a 37-pin high density D-sub connector. The ELNTB is compatible with the four most common thermocouple calibration types: K, J, T and E. Each channel is independently software-selectable between these calibration types. Since the bank of 16 channels shares a common cold junction, the ELNTB has excellent channel-to-channel accuracy. This is particularly useful when measuring thermal gradients. The ELNTB requires a SoMat Cold Junction Thermocouple Box (ECJTB) for thermocouple termination.

Includes (1) 1-CBL-0007-00-2 Extension Cable with two male 37-pin, high-density D-Sub connectors.