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Electronic technical specification transducers TEDS dongle

Special features

  • Supports TEDS templates as per IEEE1451.4
  • Simple connection of TEDS modules and TEDS sensors
  • Automatic zero and one wire detection
  • PC connection via USB without additional voltage supply
  • Simple operation with free TEDS Editor
  • Writes, reads and copies TEDS memory contents to and from TEDS modules
  • Archives TEDS memory contents in the Windows PC




Online mode (with TEDSdongle and TEDS module)

Load, edit and create new or existing TEDS templates in the TEDS Editor, storage of TEDS information in the TEDS memory or in Windows PC

Offline mode (without TEDSdongle)

Load, edit and save TEDS templates from and to Windows PC with the TEDS Editor

Data transfer protocol

As specified in IEEE standard 1451.4 (”one wire protocol”).

Data format

As specified in IEEE standard 1451.4

Supported transducers

One-wire transducers: TEDS lines separately fed Zero-wire transducers: TEDS module between Pin2

(GND) and Pin2’ (DATA)

Permissible cable length, transducer, max.



Transducer connectors

15-pin Sub−D, 15-pin Sub−HD,

8-pin Phoenix-terminal, type: MCVW1.5/8−ST−3.81GY, RJ45 socket,

5-pin terminal strip for wire or stranded wire

PC connection

USB, B type

Transmission speed, max.


12, with USB interface and High-Speed connection

USB to PC cable length, max.



Voltage supply

Via USB connection, no additional voltage supply required

Operating temperature range

°C [°F]

0 ... +70 [+32 ... +158]

Storage temperature range

°C [°F]

−10 ... +85 [+14 ... +185]

Dimensions (L x W x H)


120 x 80 x 26

Degree of protection


EMC conformance

Conformance to EMC directive 2004/108/EC, it is possible that connection can fail between the TEDSdongle and PC if there is ESD interference over 5 kV.

We recommend attaching the ferrite element, included in the scope of supply, to the USB-PC cable.

Electronic technical specification transducers TEDS dongle - datasheet PDF, 0.07 Kb