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Electronic technical specification transducers TEDS

Special features

  • Memory modules for retrofitting new or existing transducers
  • Data storage per IEEE1451.4 TEDS standard
  • Suitable for SG full-bridge transducers and inductive transducers
  • Amplifier set up automatically on importing the data sheet information from the transducer
  • Data easily written to the TEDS memory using the TEDS Editor provided at no extra cost



Data transfer

To switch from measurement mode to data mode in order to transfer TEDS data

Nominal value of supply voltage for TEDS data memory Working range of supply voltage for TEDS data memory Data transfer protocol

Data format


Apply a supply voltage between one of the excitation voltage lines (HBM designation: 2) and the associated sense lead (HBM designation: 2‘ ).

The sense lead acting as the signal lead and the excitation voltage line as the ground.

If this voltage is no longer present, the module switches to measurement mode, in which it has no effect on the excitation voltage and the measurement signal.


3.4 to 6.0

As specified in IEEE standard 1451.4 (”one wire protocol”).

As specified in IEEE standard 1451.4

Maximum permissible excitation voltage for connected transducer



Nominal temperature range

Storage temperature range

oC oC

−20 to + 60

−25 to +70

Dimensions wide version

Circuit board

Dimensions small version

Circuit board

Metal sleeve (when installed by HBM)

mm mm


19 x 11

20 x 5.5

93 long, Ø15

Protection class

(when installed in D-sub connector according to installation instructions)


EMC conformance

Complies with EN61326 when installed in Sub−D connector by HBM or acc. to the mounting instructions; the same applies for installation in the cable by HBM. This ensures that the TEDS module has no effect on conformance of the whole system with EMC Guideline 89/336/EEC.

Electronic technical specification transducers TEDS -datasheet PDF, 0.41 Kb