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Insulation system ISOBE5600

Special features

Isolated Probe Systems

  • ISOBE5600 Isolation system
  • ISOBE5600 Transient recorder

Features and Benefits ISOBE5600 Isolation system

  • Cost-effective
  • Fiber-optic isolation
  • Analogue-in to analogue-out
  • Isolation for existing systems

ISOBE5600 Transient recorder

  • Transient recorder plus Isolation
  • Up to 4 channels maximum
  • Software controlled
  • 1st Class price-performance

ISOBE5600 isolation system:

Offers external fiber-optic isolation for existing measurement systems. The ISOBE5600 isolated system comprises of a transmitter unit (ISOBE5600t or ISOBE5600tm) connected via fiber-optic cable to the ISOBE5600r receiver. The input as well as the output is an analog signal which makes this system as easy to use as a probe or sensor. There is no software involved, no data stored or recorded.

ISOBE5600 transient recorder:

Fiber-optic isolated transient recorder for up-to 4 channels. The ISOBE5600 transient recorder comprises of a transmitter unit (ISOBE5600t or ISOBE5600tm) connected via fiber-optic cable to the ISOBE5600m receiver unit with integrated memory for data acquisition..

This system requires the Perception software option to form a transient recorder and can perform single-sweep recordings.

The measured data is transferred from the receiver’s memory to the PC after the recording is finished. Unlike other GenDAQ systems, there is no StatStream or Review-while- recording available.

The ISOBE5600 transient recorder is the perfect solution for high-voltage applications with up to 4 channels and is therefore the ideal replacement for SIGMA100HV.

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