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Isolated digital transmitter and receiver 7600

Special features

  • Complete single-channel isolated analog input subsystem
  • Rugged enclosure for use in EMI hostile environments
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Wide operating temperature range, up to 70 °C (158 °F)
  • Digital fiber-optic data transmission for excellent DC stability
  • Wide dynamic range and unsurpassed dynamic accuracy
  • Up to 100 MegaSample/s sample rate at 14-bit resolution
  • Combines with dedicated GEN series 4-channel receiver board with 900 MegaSample on-board memory

GEN series 7600 Isolated Digitizer and Receiver

The 7600 Isolated Digitizer is based on the fourth generation of fiber-optic isolated digitizers designed by HBM. It is smaller, lighter and has improved performance when compared to its predecessors which make these Isolated Digitizers the leading product for use in the most demanding test lab applications. The digitizer is a single component for integration into existing systems only(1). Designed for applications that require high voltage isolation and safe and accurate measurements in harsh electrical environments. The 7600 is exclusively DC powered(2), the 7600 Isolated Digitizer offers remote operation, excellent signal fidelity and elimination of ground problems. In addition the 7600 Isolated Digitizer offers an improved temperature range and an increased mechanical robustness with a stainless-steel housing.

Isolated digital transmitter and receiver 7600 - datasheet PDF, 0.55 Kb