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Multi-channel controller BE3200

Special features

  • Completely optically-isolated with fiber-optic
  • Fully programmable sequence
  • Up to 64 channels in one housing
  • Various synchronization sources
  • Synchronizes with frequencies from 16 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Timing resolution of one electrical degree for synchronization frequencies up to 200 Hz
  • Extensive protection measures to prevent damage to the equipment under test

The BE3200 Test Sequencer

A high speed controller that provides precise timing for the operation of devices used for testing in low voltage, high voltage and high power laboratories. Sequences are created on a PC using Perception software and are then uploaded to the test sequencer. Timing of the test sequencer can be synchronized to cycles present in the mains generator, the external mains or derived from an internal timer. Outputs are switched on and off by the programmed sequence in the BE3200, fully synchronized with the chosen synchronization method. Fiber-optics provide optically isolated inputs and outputs. Two BE3200's can be connected together to synchronize more channels.

Protection measures within the test sequencer prevent damage to the equipment under test, guaranteeing proper completion of the sequence even in the event of interrupted mains supply or synchronization inputs. Perception software runs on a PC and controls the required sequence, either in milliseconds or with degrees-of-a-cycle to 1 degree of resolution where one cycle is 360 degrees. The sequence can be run in a repetitive (random) mode for endurance testing along with other various modes. A complete sequence set-up can be saved and recalled from disk.

Multi-channel controller BE3200 - datasheet PDF, 0.32 Kb