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Measurement of the mechanical characteristics

Measurement of automobile shock absorber characteristics


Check shock absorbers characteristics carried out on an automatic test bench in the manufacturing process of each shock absorber. With the development and improvement of models, more tests of the individual components of shock absorbers. For verification requires a device similar to the test bench, but different mobile crossbeam drive. Fast hydraulic shock absorbers is required to test in which the vibrational load permitted on the test object thereof with adjustable stroke and frequency. The measuring equipment consists of a force sensor U9A fixed to the upper fixed beam mechanism. Moving the movable beam measured by inductive displacement transducer WA, which moves parallel to the lower part of the shock absorber. To evaluate the characteristics, such as the valve in the piston vibration damper when the direction of movement, electronic measuring system and evaluation method must have the appropriate properties. Therefore, in this case, a measurement MGCplus amplifier that allows digital, synchronous measurement of force and displacement signals. Absolute synchronicity of receiving these two signals is an essential condition for proper assessment. Digital signals are transmitted to a computer. To obtain estimates of the program is used by HBM, allowing, for example, to get moving as a function of speed, and in three-dimensional form to portray the relationship of forces, movement and speed.

Additional advantages: You can take advantage of a complete measurement chain from HBM - from strain gauges and load cells to strain measurement systems and professional software. The perfect compatibility of components allows you to create highly accurate, reliable and efficient measurement system.

Measurement of body rigidity frame


Despite the existence of developed computational methods used in the design of the car body, still it remains relevant experimental verification of the actual behavior of the body under stress. This definition applies deformation during predetermined types of loads, such as bending and torsional loads. The figure shows the point of impact load while twisting test. The body is fixed to the attachment points of the rear axle, and the twisting moment acts on the point of the front axle. Deformations are measured in a total of 50 points WA inductive displacement sensors using measuring amplifier MX840A QuantumX series. After digitizing the signals are transmitted to a computer for processing, which gives, for example, the graph of the behavior of deformation above the longitudinal axis of the vehicle.

Additional advantages: The amplifier MX840A has 8 individually configurable isolated inputs to which you can connect more than 15 various types. Sampling rate: max. 19,200 measurements / s per channel.; bandwidth up to 3.2 kHz; Resolution: 24 bits.

Stiffness beading tubeless tires


The rigidity of the tire beading is a measure of its solid fit for the shoulders of the rim, where there should be no pressure loss in the most critical loads. Therefore, all types of tire shall be tested by the manufacturers. The figure shows a test device in simplified cross-sectional shape. It consists mainly of a replica rim divided into eight segments. Modeled rim of the cone can be extended with a hydraulic drive. The segments are associated with weight sensor Z7A, measuring tensile load. Also at two points on the circumference of the measured displacement. As an electronic system are the modern MGCplus measuring amplifier and a computer, so you can use a wide range of valuation techniques. For measurement of electrical signals are defined two opposite forces on the segments and the signals are transmitted to the amplifier and digitized. Then, through a computer or may be requested by individual signals of the opposite segments of the signal or the average of all segments. displacement signals can also be given alone or as a mean value. The computer can give a tire characteristics, including data regarding tolerances.

Additional advantages: The functions performed primarily by special devices, can now be realized standard production devices with your computer. This allows a more flexible use of the test bench when there are changes in the inspection procedures.

Measurements using a flexible water level

04-Измерения-с-помощью-гибкого-водяного-уровня.pngThe construction and underground construction work there is the problem of comparing the water level in the two remote locations. In this case the main purpose is, for example, the current control of the building pressure on the ground under his weight. For this task, we use the known flexible water-level with optical analysis of the results. Another convenient way, particularly when comparing the level is not necessary in the two, but in many locations, is the use of an electronic version of a flexible water level. The principle of its operation is shown in the figure. Flexible water level is composed of the water feeding the reference container, pipe joints with various measuring devices. The main element of these devices is weight load cell Z6, which weighs a small container filled with water. According to the law of the static fluid, the amount or level of the water determines the height of the position of the measuring device. The change in height results in a change in the weight signal. Typically, due to the large number of measurement points in the scanning system is used as an amplifier. For example, in an amplifier used instrumentation amplifier MVD 2555.

Additional advantages: weight strain gauges are produced in a sealed housing, have high sensitivity and stability of the zero point.

Check the soil permeability

05-Проверка-водопроницаемости-почвы.pngThe water permeability of the soil is an important criterion, for example, when checking the insulating layer landfill when the soil consists of a material containing mineral inclusions of different sizes. There can not be a traditional test method, which consists in taking a sample of drilling because of soil inclusions with a diameter up to 63 mm can not remove the solid rock column. New developments make it possible to determine the water permeability on the spot with much greater accuracy and much faster. This method consists in weighing tanks from which water runs on the soil to be checked. A measure of the water permeability of the soil is the amount of water spilled from the tank for a period of time. This volume is calculated from the difference in weight. The reservoir is located on the four load cell type weight S2A, which measure its weight. Direct connection to the computer is provided by the components of the electronic transforming the system AED.

Additional benefits: Features strain gauge weight S2A: a range of nominal loads of 50 kg ... 50 t; low-profile design; a small change in height under load.

Analysis of the behavior of the screw in plastic


During the basic studies of the behavior of the screw in the plastic it is necessary to take into account two aspects: first, when the screw is fixed, tightening torque will have a certain value. Then, during the test, this value will be determined by how the holding force of the screw is weakened because forchanges plastic characteristics. To solve this problem suitable force sensor with measuring ring KMR. The smallest sensor of this type has an internal diameter of 6.5 mm and a nominal force of 20 kN. Since the measurements remain accurate in 5% nominal load range, it is possible to test small screws. In this case, the amplifier used instrumentation amplifier MVD 2510.

Additional advantages: The sensor is placed in a welded stainless steel housing. Therefore, it can also be used in adverse environmental conditions of the test environment steel screws.