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Current control of gas and liquid systems

The task of monitoring the operations of maneuvering


Maneuvering goods train consists of the following steps:

1 - the acceleration of a single freight cars in the shunting hill

2 - speed with a controllable braking

3 - manage the switchings, in which the carriage reaches the tail of the right train with soft contact.

The value of commanded braking should be determined by several parameters: weight axis, speed, etc parameters are passed to a computer that calculates the correct braking force. The braking effect is provided by two side pads, clinging to the rim. The pressure on the pads is transmitted by means of cylinders of compressed air and the pressure level is regulated by a computer signal via the pneumatic system. For pressure control is used pressure sensor P15. Signal 0...5 V provides feedback of the pneumatic system.

Additional features: Features of pressure sensor P15: no fill fluid, 2-fold margin of safety, corrosion resistance, small size.

Control of a condition of brake system of a vehicle


In the braking system of the car is important not only overall braking function, namely, to transfer pressure from the brake master cylinder on workers, but also the ability to quickly increase the pressure in emergency braking. Control condition of the braking system under emergency braking requires the measurement of passing transients with frequencies up to 1 kHz. When installing the equipment on the test vehicle to determine the appropriate characteristics was selected pressure sensors Р8АР, which are mounted on the main and working brake cylinders. As the measuring amplifier MGCplus can be used.

Additional features: pressure Sensor R8AR suitable for both static and and dynamic processes. It is distinguished by the absence of a seal between the connecting part and the lode cell, and the absence of the filling liquid. Welded strain gauge sensor has a sensitivity of 2 mV/V.