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Weighing Technology

Examples of the use of components and systems HVM

In this section, we would like to introduce you to a wide range of application components and HBM systems. It contains examples of which in any case do not cover all possible applications HBM technology. We deliberately did not result in complex or unusual solutions to measurement problems. The examples given here can help in solving other similar problems, so that even an inexperienced user can easily solve your problem of measurement.

Measurement of the filling hopper


Determination of the level of liquid or particulate material in the hopper weighing - is one of the most reliable methods. Hopper located on three or four weight sensors. HBM company supplies all the necessary components for bunker weighing - load cells, weight indicators and electronics, as well as parts needed for the installation, such as a pendulum and elastomeric bearings. You can choose a suitable weight of many types of electronics. The equipment can be made in a special construction for use in difficult conditions: explosive environments, seawater, cement dust, etc.

Additional advantages: high stability of measurements over time, including the stability of the zero point, is particularly important in cases where the tank is not completely empty. This means that there is no need to correct the zero point of the system after the initial installation.

Weighing bridge


Mechanical weighing bridge consists of a platform, standing on four weight sensors. Applicable support self-healing, so there is no need for additional correction. This simplifies the structure and allows to achieve higher accuracy due to lack of extra friction and lateral forces. S16A sensors are sealed housing and can be supplied in explosion-proof (Ex). WE2110 digital weighing indicator distinguishes opportunity is controlled by the menu, the choice of measurement filter, RS-232C / RS-485 interfaces for connecting to a computer and an interface RS-232-C / 20ma for connecting a printer / second display. WE2110 is suitable for desktop use as well as for panel mounting.

Weighing hopper


The installation system weighed container on three or four weight sensors widespread. However, small or lightweight containers can be hung on one sensor (as shown). Structurally, it is done simply because the temperature changes in the container does not affect the load cell, and is not required to adjust the compensation devices. We need only limiting rollers, which are located at some distance. If the signal is measured at a long distance and then supplied to the computer, the required components and AED-digital address bus. Power AD103S measures and converts the signals to digital form and transmits them via the RS-422 / RS-485 to a computer at a distance up to 1200 m. All signal processing functions (calibration, calibration, filtering, scaling, etc.) to execute commands from the computer.

Additional benefits: opportunities for commercial container weighing using a single sensor, digital measurement and data collection via AED-electronics.

Low profile platform scales


The figure shows the low-profile weighbridges equipped with load cells HLC low altitude. Example: for a nominal load of 550 kg of the sensor height is only 130 mm. weight sensor is interchangeable with other sensors of this size, no additional mounting elements displayed on the scoreboard. The sensor is suitable for use in harsh environments due to the sealed structure (IP68) stainless steel.

Additional benefits: HLC load cell is supplied with verification for commercial use and explosion-proof (Ex)

Weigh loaded bucket


In some cases, weighing pressure sensors can be used. For example, in the construction and cleaning equipment with a hydraulic lifting system, where the pressure is proportional to the load. An example of such an application is shown in Fig. A hydraulic cylinder is connected to the pressure sensor P8AP. The signal from the sensor is processed with a weighting indicator WE2110. The data on the direct weight material in a ladle (for example, sand, gravel displayed directly on the display. The measurement results can be output to a printer.

Additional advantages: P8AP sensor combines high accuracy, small size and simple construction. It is not affected by vibration and pressure drops, always present in the machines of this kind. High precision measuring system allows to certify the system for commercial use.