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Control of the production process

Pressovaya bearing landing in the control arm

01-Прессовая посадка-подшипника-в-рычаг-подвески.png

Use of press fitting is the most common method when assembling the construction elements. For quality control of the process is necessary to measure the efforts and the amount of movement. When designing a machine press fit hydraulically WA displacement sensor can be integrated into the hydraulic system. Approximate sketch of this machine is shown in Fig. Efforts are measured using C2A load cell. instrumentation amplifier PMX specially designed for industrial applications. By using the amplifier can be controlled, and the effort of finding values in a predetermined displacement range. Measurement data is transmitted from the PMX to the automation system. To ensure the operational management and process automation in the amplifier has industrial Ethernet bus, digital inputs / outputs and analog outputs.

Additional benefits: use of movement sensor This not only saves space in the system, but also simplifies the development of press fit machine.

Measorement of-Tkhe John Force molding Preses


On the sketch of the previous example applied force is measured using a machine located inside the press fit force sensor. Alternatively, the sensor may be prompted by the location of the working plane for the template. This sensor imposed some restrictions: The maximum outer diameter of 46 mm, a nominal load of 400 kN. force sensor KMR, ring-shaped and placed forming press, is used to adjust the effort. The electronic part is a system of individual functional modules: power supply, amplifier, limit switch indicator. In addition, the output signal of 0-20 mA module can be offered.

Additional features: KMR force sensor has a range of nominal forces of 20 ... 400 kN, the degree of protection IP67. Sensor with measuring ring is used for power control reproducibility <± 1%

Measurement of the force and displacement during press fitting


Assembling the structural components by press fitting is the most common method. To control the quality of the process is necessary to make measurements of the applied load and the amount of movement. The preferred design of the machine hydraulically press fitting because WA displacement sensor can be integrated into the hydraulic system. Approximate sketch of this machine is shown in Fig. Pressure sensor P8AP embedded within the piston. This sensor can be operated at pressures up to 500 bar and temperatures up to 140 ° C and has a degree of protection IP67. PMX measuring amplifier is perfect for monitoring assembly processes and pressing. PMX response in the millisecond range can prevent errors and helps the user to quickly make decisions based on facts.

Additional advantages: The use of the motion sensor simplifies the development of press-fit machines.

Quality control of the production in the manufacture of tablets


Press tableting powders produces them by means of high-speed punching machines with rotating tables. The criterion for assessing the quality of the value is applied to each tablet efforts, which should have a narrow tolerance limits. The amount of force is measured by U9A force sensor located in the area between the die, the pressing roller and the pendulum support. Data from the sensors are amplified and processed by the controlling device, e.g., PMX measuring amplifier,which provides information about the defective tablets.

Additional advantages: sensor reproduces the exact value and peak power pulses, and the amplifier carries out further processing of the result. Due to the transmission of signals in real-time and embedded computing capabilities PMX - the optimum solution for quality control of fast tablet presses and stamping, as well as large multi-presses.

Measuring the applied load in the production of plastic bags


The quality of the connection of two plastic films is determined by the magnitude of the applied load, and each individual process must be monitored to ensure the guaranteed quality of the product. The figure illustrates the creation of plastic bags. Load a predetermined value is applied by hydraulic cylinder, power is measured by the sensor and the lever-amplified articulated connection. U2B force sensor measures both tensile and compression. With this version of the device has in it a threaded rod, which simplifies the use of the sensor structure. Measuring amplifier MVD2555 controls the maximum and minimum values, and has a limit switch, which provide signals to the control device (controller).

Additional benefits: U2B force sensor has a high overload resistance. In case of failure (for example, a compound of two films), the sensor will not be damaged.

Control of the thickness of the strands


In the production process is often the problem arises of monitoring the thickness of the filaments, wires or sheet-form materials during production. There are many different methods based mainly on the beam or optical effects. More simple and inexpensive way to solve is to determine the thickness and mechanical means to convert it into the amount of movement. The figure shows an example of such mechanical solutions. Material, in this case raw yarn slides over fixed wheel and comes into contact with the measuring wheel. The wheel must be light weight and the load applied to the yarn must also be low, so as not to break the thread. WI displacement transducer measures the thickness of the thread and sends a signal to the amplifier MC2A (MC3), designed for use in industrial environments. The amplifier output is 4 ... 20 mA or ± 5 V.

Additional advantages: the mechanical method of measuring the thickness is easy, reliable and cheap enough.

Test the concentricity of the wheel rim


Checking concentricity required for all kinds of articles having a circular shape, but it is particularly important for products which are obtained in the casting process, and should operate at high speeds. Rim wheels for motor vehicles fall into this category of products. The test is performed relatively simple device which allows to fix the wheel rim to a slowly rotating disc so that the radius, and the change of the radius can be measured by a sensitive roller. Sensitive video transmits vertical movements inductive displacement sensors W1EL/0, the signal from which is transmitted to the measuring amplifier MGCplus. The amplifier comprises a peak value in the memory and, therefore, can monitor the concentricity error. To memorize the value is controlled by the limit switch, which gives an alarm when the level is exceeded.

Additional advantages: The used measuring system has a peak value memory, which is necessary for the evaluation of the test results.