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The beauty of the modern aircraft in flight is largely due to good design work. Bridges, cars, trains and ships also rely on high-quality design. This means the particular importance of providing reliable monitoring, because safety is of paramount importance.

In order to realize your dreams design engineers are constantly searching for new materials such as various alloys and composites. They need to use the latest technology. Modern engineers must ensure that the model works regardless of the demands placed on it. It is about using less material in the production of more durable structures.

Increased load, quality control and security necessary to ensure that the model will work. Even the slightest defect can cost lives. Moreover, structural tests even for prototype models may require monitoring of many thousands of measurement points. The project team have a great responsibility. This question is not only technical know-how. These projects require well-organized management program. It is here that CatmanEnterprise, the company product HBM will help You. This software You can trust. It is easy to use because it is suitable for projects ranging from at least 30 measurement points until large-scale trials, requiring up to 20,000 points of measurement. It is used both in centralized and in distributed systems and can be supplied as a ready to use product.

CatmanEnterprise works because HBM listens to its customers. The software development took about 20 leading companies working in the field of high technologies.

Let's look at one of our most significant projects full-scale fatigue test of Airbus A380 conducted by IABG in Dresden. These tests were held regularly for several years and thanks to CatmanEnterprise all measured values are well organized. The tests were coordinated and highly effective. High level of data security was maintained throughout the project. CatmanEnterprise ensures optimum safety using:

  • automatic test equipment
  • control connection
  • effective calibration

When testing the A380 was modelled the different phases of the flight of almost 50,000 times. This gave the opportunity to calculate the average load for the full life of the aircraft. More than 7,000 measurement points recorded data on strain, pressure and temperature. Thanks CatmanEnterprise this was one of the thorough and detailed series of model-based testing ever conducted. CatmanEnterprise contributes to the development of smaller-scale projects. Take, for example, the reinforced structure of the F/A-18. The Swiss authorities was necessary to conduct a comprehensive large scale study. This required 68 of hydraulic cylinders for the simulation of realistic loads during flight. Full-scale test for fatigue loading was of great importance. For the past two years with the help of CatmanEnterprise has been modeled more than 10,000 hours of flight, the analysis and data collection, which ensured rapid progress in the development of the project.

When testing was used 1 100 strain gauges and displacement sensors, temperature and pressure. Analysis of the obtained data allowed us to obtain an excellent understanding of the structure of the aircraft. And all this can be achieved with just a few hundred measuring points. In combination with correctly chosen equipment from HBM MGCplus, CatmanEnterprise invincible. More about this will tell You one of the leading developers team CatmanEnterprise Johannes Mattes:

"Let's look at some key aspects of the CatmanEnterprise. Software includes four main modules:

  • Configuration
  • Data verification
  • Data collection in real time
  • Analysis of the data

Simplified configuration CatmanEnterprise provides a fast testing and helps to synchronize the acquisition of data. CatmanEnterprise uses a list of definitions that specify the plan control points, thereby eliminating the need to configure equipment to measure.

The technique drag and drop "Drag and drop" is used when connecting the MGCplus. The structural view is used to navigate through all channels when working with any project. The MGCplus system is highly configurable and can be used for data verification. Ready the data can be easily imported from Excel. Supported internal validation of the amps data collection, while the control system wiring tests and sends the results for each channel within a few seconds. CatmanEnterprise has two different modes of measurement for data collection: one supports the two speed measurements and the second three speed measurements. Two-speed measurement mode it is possible to use buffer for high speed data collection. Data can be read, with respect to any critical point during the test. Testing can be done with just one MGCplus and with 60 such systems for high-speed measurements without affecting performance.

The database server allows engineers involved in the project to connect from anywhere and to clarify certain issues. All data is stored in a fully traceable electronic data storage device with a detailed description, which is carried out after data collection. CatmanEnterprise exports data in various formats such as ASCII for Excel or coded format that can be analyzed offline.

There is also a special option for multi-channel measurement systems. These are used for fatigue tests. Data analysis depend on the load conditions. This option helps with early identification of critical sections. It was only a brief overview of the scope of CatmanEnterprise. CatmanEnterprise offers much more features which we will be glad to show you."

CatmanEnterprise the best comprehensive software databases for structural tests. It increases the effectiveness of implementation projects, reducing time and costs without compromising quality. CatmanEnterprise guarantees results that You can trust, which ensures complete safety of Your work. Every day, HBM's software proves its worth on test benches around the world. CatmanEnterprise is another high quality product HBM give precision and accuracy to the art of engineering design.