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High-quality measurement technology for sustainable agriculture.


High organizational and technical level of the eco-friendly and sustainable use of natural resources - modern agriculture must meet the highest requirements. HBM offers a high-quality measurement technology for reliable and resource-saving production planning.

From the strain gauges and load cells to the measuring amplifier and professional software - HBM measurement technology is used in various branches of agriculture:

Products and solutions for your needs

Take advantage of our products and services covering the entire measuring chain for sustainable and efficient production planning! Whether it is a standard task or special applications - we have the solution for your measurement.

Products and services

Rely on quality: optimize processes and ensure the safety of the yield


Today marks the rise of agricultural sector. Despite this, in a competitive market to ensure the effectiveness of a requirement. Investing in powerful technical tools, methods of fertilizer application, improved feeding methods and modern breeding livestock assist farming. But it is extremely important to save resources and to ensure rational use of natural resources and environmental.

High-precision measurement results are the basis for reliable production planning and optimum process sequence. The company HBM is a global leader in the technology market and offers products for the entire measurement chain:

  • Load cells
  • Industrial electronics, data acquisition systems, measuring amplifiers and software
  • Strain gages and accessories
  • Weighing Electronics

HBM products in agriculture: Your benefits

High-quality measurement technology is essential for effective farming. HBM offers you:

  • Test and measurement equipment from one manufacturer
  • Individual measurement solutions
  • The reliability and accuracy of the measurement results