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HBM solutions for the marine industry

For millennia, shipping is a major element of world trade. The need for greater efficiency, more stringent emissions Directive and the new marine power systems is a new challenge to the international shipping and shipbuilding.

Company HBM offers You optimal solutions that will help Your ships, ship engines and other components to meet the demands of the future already at the stages of design and production.

Main applications:

Simulation of fatigue using nCode software

04-06_nCode_400x300.jpgSolutions software from HBM nCode will help You to discover the main factors affecting the durability of structures. Tested for fatigue and durability software from HBM nCode will enable You to:

  • To produce high-performance analysis quickly and effectively
  • To save much time of analysis ‒ in many cases it is a few minutes instead of several days
  • To avoid redundancy of design and associated costs as well as excess weight
  • Automate complex analysis and related processes
  • To produce a light distribution and data analysis of operational load

Learn more about the software from HBM nCode

Analysis of strength structures using a large number of channels

04-05_catman_autom_400x300.jpgYou want to put projectname analysis and load testing of large structures such as ships? Data acquisition system MGCplus in combination with the software catman®Enterprise is the optimal solution for measuring tasks with a large number of channels.

Learn more about the software catman®Enterprise

Receiving data in a simulation and testing in the shipbuilding industry


From time to time ships is subject to enormous mechanical stress. Therefore, research and development work on ship models are carried out using special test equipment, providing a better understanding of physical processes and optimization of the design of the ships.

For leading research institutes is very important for the effective collection of measurement data. Therefore, MARINTEK, the Norwegian Institute of marine research, trust in the solution of these problems the data acquisition systems from HBM.

Learn more about data acquisition systems from HBM

Testing body

04-03-2_400x300.jpgEquipment for tests and measurements from HBM allows the load testing and monitoring of the hulls of the vessel ‒ on Board test stand or model. Use the complete measuring chain from a single supplier: strain gages, sensors, data acquisition systems and professional software.

Modernization of high-performance hydraulic dynamometers

High-performance dynamometers are an integral part of test systems marine engines. Often they are still equipped with levers and force sensors, which leads to significant measurement errors.

Modern solution offered by HBM: installation of torque sensors force directly on the output shaft of the dynamometer, which is by far the most accurate method.

Monitoring of gas engine direct drive

04-02_400x300.jpgThe latest international rules, such as MARPOL annex VI, require significant reductions in emissions.

The alternative is to use gas engines instead of traditional diesel. Fuel combustion in gas engines is very clear, and this exhaust gas purification is not required. However, this engine requires control using high-precision signal load.

The installation of torque sensors directly on Board of the ship, working on gas engines with a direct drive (or dual-fuel engines), allows to automatically optimize the performance of gas engine and also provide protection from detonation, outages and overloads. Moreover, the technology data of torque sensors is now supported by the international Maritime community.

A special version of high-performance torque sensor from HBM T10FH now available with certificate ATEX.

The torque sensor power T10FH with ATEX approval for monitoring of gas engines

Test marine engines internal combustion

04-01_400x300.jpgSome standard test benches for marine engines continued to operate with levers and force transducers, which does not meet modern technical requirements in terms of measurement error.

Torque sensors T10FH and T40FM from HBM are perfectly suited for use in system testing marine engines. Through the use of these sensors, the measurement uncertainty can be less than 1%, which meets the requirements of the complete test system.

Torque sensors from HBM testing of marine engines:

Analog torque sensor power T10FH

Digital torque sensor power T40FM