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Energy industry

Measurement solutions for the energy industry


Company HBM continuously improving a wide range of instrumentation designed for analysis of technical condition of structures and continuous monitoring of performance, covering all sectors of energy including renewables, nuclear and petroleum energy. Therefore, HBM the ideal partner for enterprises of power industry in solving various applied problems both in the mainland and in the offshore zone.

The generation and transmission of electricity, alternative sources of energy ‒ HBM measurement technology ensures reliable results in many areas of the energy industry.

Typical applications:

Testing the zero value of the current

A value of zero current may lead to disruption of power supply in automatic high-voltage contact switches. Today it may seem incredible that the high-voltage circuit can be interrupted other than arc discharge.

Operation of all automatic pin switches based on the impact of receding from each other contacts, while between them there is arc discharge. The effect of zero current is an indicator for pressure, temperature, density, ionization, plasma flow, etc.

Measurement of the zero current values are used to understand the effect of the arc and to determine the main parameters necessary for the successful interruption of the current

High voltage impulse testing

Most of the main power grids in the world represent power lines on transmission towers. They are largely susceptible to lightning strikes, which can result in a risk of damage to components in electrical substations (PS).
Loss of one or several elements can lead to local loss of tension, and thus cause consumer dissatisfaction and costly repairs. Testing transformers, surge arresters, isolators and switchgear is an important part of the process of quality control and registration of the degree of endurance of the components.

Testing of switchgears

08-07_voltage-divider_400x300.jpgWhen testing switchgear requires special hardware and software that enables you to obtain accurate and reliable measurement results. The primary requirements for used test and measurement equipment are isolation, amplifier drift, noise, electromagnetic compatibility and the possibility of battery life. The software requirements include data reliability, reproducibility and performance.

Main components of electrical networks

Get reliable and high quality measurement results in conditions of exposure to electromagnetic fields


In most cases, electrical energy is not produced to where consumed. Backbone electric grids connect power plants with end users and transfer power from producer to consumer.
Depending on the electrical power and voltage level to the electrical mains are divided into different classes of voltage from several hundred volts (NN) up to several tens (SN) and several hundred kV (HV, EHV, UHV).
Supply of different voltage levels shall be reported by the substations (SS), which include voltage transformers, circuit breakers, surge arresters, insulators, etc., and other measuring equipment and switchgear.

The use of wind energy

In the wind industry there is a wide variety of applications such as monitoring the aerodynamic loads on the blades of wind turbines, contributing to increased reliability and efficiency. This system can be used to protect wind turbines against storm winds by stopping the machine and transfer of the blades to a safe position.
Another example of application wind energy is a measurement of power. Mechanical power, such as generators, can be with high degree of precision measured precision torque sensors force from HBM on the basis of the standard IEC 60034.

Integrated design of systems, automation of tests

Analysis of deformation structures already at the design stage!

08-05_nCode_Understand-field-service-data_400x300.jpgOpportunities for professional software from HBM nCode allow you to conduct "virtual testing" even before the start of the process of producing or creating a prototype. Save costs and increase productivity by conducting test on durability and fatigue already in the development phase. Numerous clients from the energy industry, especially nuclear power and wind energy, rely on capabilities from HBM nCode. 

Practical application of weighing technology for the energy industry


Storage facilities with stocks of raw materials or of nuclear power – weight sensors have found their practical application in the energy industry.

A wide range of load cells and weighing electronics from HBM provides the optimal solution for various applications – whether the weighing hoppers corresponding to the weighing system.

For example, the weight sensor from HBM RTN provides the accuracy and reliability of measurement results even during the enrichment process the uranium, which is characterized by a rigid working environment with high temperature fluctuations

Testing the effectiveness of torque in the generators


Performance requirements of generators in various types of generators has increased significantly.

The cost of intensive use and the tightening of norms for the protection of the environment have affected the requirements to the technical parameters of the generators that can affect their performance. Company HBM, the leader in the world market by measuring the torque force, provides a series of powerful analog and digital torque sensors force.

Accurate and reliable torque sensors from HBM is the best choice, especially compared to the indirect methods of torque measurements are widely prevalent today.

Fatigue testing of components products


Many of the structures in the energy industry are exposed to high loads: pipelines, foundations and pylons and masts of wind turbines.

Experimental analysis of stress-strain States is the ideal method for determining the loads of the materials.

HBM offers a wide range of strain gauges and measuring amplifiers as well as professional software catman®AP for the experimental analysis of stress-strain States. Important to the objectives of the energy industry have numerous possibilities of optical measurement technology based on Bragg gratings measurement with light. Electromagnetic interference can no longer affect the measurement results.

Receiving the measuring results in the areas of exposure to high voltage

When testing in areas of impact (high-voltage test switching impulse and lightning impulse) to the used measuring equipment must meet extremely high requirements. Products for high-voltage measurements from HBM enables the reliable collection and processing of measurement data due to electrical insulation, electromagnetic stability and many other characteristics. Test and measurement equipment from HBM passed practical approbation and used in thousands of applications of energy around the world.

Typical applications:

  • Testing of switching systems such as switching devices and fuses
  • Testing voltage of lightning impulse in testing transformers, voltage regulators, insulators, and switching systems
  • Measurement of the transition through zero current

The data collection system during high-voltage tasks