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Products and solutions

Integrated solutions... one supplier

Strain gages:

  • Unparalleled scientific and technical developments and experience in strain gauge technology, especially in the aerospace industry
  • The load cells of force, pressure, displacement and torque
  • Custom solutions
  • Innovative strain gages to the fiber composite material

02-04_Product-Supply_400x300.jpgCANHEAD®... Reduce your costs by 90%!

Gone are the days of long cables to connect the strain gages. The modules of the measuring amplifier CANHEAD installed in the immediate vicinity of the strain gages. You no longer need any expensive cabling.

Система сбора данных MGCplus ‒ it is a recognized world leader in obtaining highly accurate data.

  • Up to 128 channels in one 19" modular system
  • Simultaneous and parallel data collection across all channels

Software catman®Enterprise.

Integrated solutions for engineering and technical personnel:

  • One software platform for equipment installation, measuring tasks, visualization and post-processing
  • Easy to install multi-channel systems
  • In Addition, The Module Trend Analysis

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