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Measurement solutions for development, production, testing and calibration


Strain gages, sensors, data acquisition systems and software from HBM provides you with measurement superior platform for conducting automated testing.

For example, consider a test bench for engines, test track or car crash test. In such applications, engineers require high-precision and validated measurement results. Thanks to the accuracy and reliability of its products, the company HBM can offer you virtually endless variety and measurement of configurations that meet the most stringent technical requirements in the design and manufacture in the automotive industry.

Special technological expertise and years of experience in the field of measurement technology, in particular in the automotive industry, doing HBM a natural partner for engineers responsible for testing cars.

HBM is one of the few companies in the world producing the complete measuring circuit and data acquisition systems: strain gauges and load cells to the measuring amplifier and professional software. HBM products sets the standard for accuracy in mechanics, modeling, analysis and automation of plant equipment.

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