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Products and services for monitoring the technical condition


Can the bridge be used continuously? Possible reconstruction of the building? Whether to keep the design resistance after its dismantling or change some parts? Does the construction material requirements? Is it possible to simulate the test of the earthquake?These and many other questions arise when control of the technical state of structures. Answers are available test and measurement equipment from HBM: from strain gauges and load cells to the measuring amplifiers and specialized software. Perfectly matched components from the same manufacturer will allow You to cope with the measuring tasks of any complexity that You may encounter when monitoring the technical condition of structures.

Regardless of whether you need to measure pressure, force, load, displacement, temperature, or many other measurement values necessary for control of technical condition of structures ‒ sensors and amplifiers from HBM will provide You with results you can trust.

Measurement technology from HBM for control of technical condition of constructions will provide You with economically profitable results if the measuring design, measurement of deformations, monitoring of displacements and continuous monitoring   such structures as:

  • Building
  • Bridges
  • Platinum
  • Tunnels
  • Road

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