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Control machines

Shortening of process downtime


Production environment where the operating temperatures can vary from -15°C to +50°C, sets stringent requirements for measuring equipment. Test and measurement equipment from HBM are suitable for use in harsh conditions and provides the reduced downtime.

The suppression of interference signals contributes to reduced downtime of machines and mechanical devices. Test and measurement equipment from HBM standards for electromagnetic compatibility, and so it is not receptive and is not the cause of electromagnetic effects.

Furthermore, disturbance DC (thermoelectric and galvanic potential difference), interference from the mains (50Hz and harmonics) and high-frequency interference are not transferred through carrier frequency amplifiers.

Control mechanisms work:

  • Measurement of displacement and tension of the fabric in the textile industry
  • Measurement of tension of the paper web in printing presses
  • Measuring extremely high pressures in the process of water-jet cutting
  • Control/monitoring of filling systems
  • Load control of cranes and lifting mechanisms

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