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Improving the efficiency of production


According to the requirements of technical reliability, error of measurement should be excluded automatically or transferred to the operator (or PLC). Warning errors are transmitted in the form of warning signals or alarms and are used to protect the entire process, as well as to reduce the number of failures of machines.

In the processes of Metalworking, where the inevitable high impact and vibratory loads should be used only undergone extensive testing of test and measurement equipment, is able to reduce additional error and the number of outages.

The company is proud of HBM providing a rigorous test of their measuring equipment in accordance with industrial standards.

Typical applications:

  • Dimension maximum effort during the stamping of coins in a minting press
  • Rolling steel and paper pulp
  • Stamping metal components from pins to discs
  • Embossed


  • Measurement of the compaction efforts in the process of making coins, sheet metal, washers (gaskets)
  • Rolling steel sheet
  • Monitoring of large-size presses to the automotive industry

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