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Railway measurement

03-03_Road-tests_400x300.jpgRails as part of the permanent way of Railways, it is an object under a strong and constant load. In addition, failures due to changes in material properties, weather influence and impact the railway traffic can lead to various types of damage. HBM measurement technology helps in continuous monitoring of the rail network in single measurements on the tracks, for example, in the following tasks:

  • Measurement of forces, mechanical fatigue and overload, as well as methods for the detection of side theft of track, the longitudinal displacement path, ejection path, the horizontal displacement of the sleepers
  • Load measurement components of the railway track during the movement
  • Analysis of concomitant changes in the operation in the working conditions, for example, increasing the axial load, speed, etc.
  • The detection and subsequent monitoring of risk factors that can lead to a descent of a train off the tracks, and congestion due to: the influence of forces Y and Q, as with load, the ratio of descent of the carriage from the rails, centrifugal force, curve run time performance, violation of the stability, the forces of train movement, deformation of wheels
  • Control over the correct application of existing norms
  • Definition of the initial data for calculation of life cycle cost

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