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Simulation and calculations

03-02_nCode_400x300.jpgIndustry software from HBM nCode was used in the railway industry in the 1980s, it is not surprising that many companies involved in design and maintenance of the trains continue to benefit from the latest generation of nCode software products.

Preliminary modeling of trains and bogies contributes to the optimization of the design in accordance with the fatigue characteristics, which in turn helps to reduce weight, reduce power consumption and wear of rails. Functional force measurements and overload in construction of railway trains and the track manufactured to prevent damage, and damage assessment. It is possible to identify problems before they will cause malfunctions, and therefore can be prevented serious crash and crash.

Main applications:

  • Fatigue tests of rail components ‒ wheels, bogies, wheelset axles, etc.
  • The study area load ‒ frequency detection of bursts, the frequency of shipments/stops in one hour by a mile
  • Fatigue analysis of structural elements
  • Analysis of ride quality ‒ the study of the influence of dynamic load, speed and rigidity of the track on the sample during the tests on friction and wear
  • Remote monitoring of rail track

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