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Studies of the individual components on a test bench


On performance components of the state Supervisory body (e.g. the Federal railway service) need to comply with special technical requirements. Typical examples are the test of strength, test handling and test braking. In practice the use of proven measurement technology ensures a high level of security and reliability of the measuring results.

Therefore, numerous state accredited testing centers use HBM measurement technology in the certification of components for railway transport, for example:

  • Functional tests in the analysis of loads and their components
  • Test on durability of the axles of the wheelsets, the bogie frame, functional, wheel sets, traction device and wear and tear on electronic devices and components of the permanent way
  • Experimental verification of the tensile strength of rail vehicles
  • Vibration analysis during operation
  • Metrological assistance during the implementation process of new components of the permanent way be tested in operating conditions
  • Study of the effect of vibration on the components
  • Planning, obtaining operational data and documentation of measurements while logging the current status
  • Measurement according to DIN 45672

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