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Monitoring of gas engine direct drive

04-02_400x300.jpgThe latest international rules, such as MARPOL annex VI, require significant reductions in emissions.

The alternative is to use gas engines instead of traditional diesel. Fuel combustion in gas engines is very clear, and this exhaust gas purification is not required. However, this engine requires control using high-precision signal load.

The installation of torque sensors directly on Board of the ship, working on gas engines with a direct drive (or dual-fuel engines), allows to automatically optimize the performance of gas engine and also provide protection from detonation, outages and overloads. Moreover, the technology data of torque sensors is now supported by the international Maritime community.

A special version of high-performance torque sensor from HBM T10FH now available with certificate ATEX.

The torque sensor power T10FH with ATEX approval for monitoring of gas engines

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