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Dynamic weighing

High-precision weighing, dosing for quality, error-free filling of liquids, in dynamic processes.


Digital gauges from HBM fulfil the functions of monitoring and control in the processes of sorting, filling and dosing. Digital electronics from HBM allows the use of analog weight sensors in the dynamic weighing.

Digital load cells from HBM combines functionality, speed and accuracy to optimally adapt to requirements of dynamic weighing. Built-in weight sensors control electronics enables fast digital filtering and scaling of the measured signal.

The electronics of the pressure sensors streamlines operations by averaging, limit values and hysteresis. Trigger function controls the determination of weight depending on speed, size and accuracy. Weight sensors have excellent vysokotochnye properties and bending stiffness, as well as provide good protection mechanical loads thanks to built-in overload protection in the direction of expansion and contraction.

Digital load cell HBM

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