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Production equipment and weighing

Processes under control...
Safety devices, product quality and reproducibility are important factors to consider when weighing the containers and the dosing. Anywhere in the world from HBM components meet the most stringent requirements.
Demanded in various industries across the world:

  • Chemical industry – optimal solutions using equipment HBM even when working in hazardous areas
  • The pharmaceutical industry is a constant quality of production of medicines using equipment HBM
  • Cosmetic industry – metering products from HBM for a healthy lifestyle and beauty
  • Production of construction materials – weight sensors from HBM weighing tons, inventory in warehouses, for example, weighing of additives for various types of concrete mixtures
  • Food industry – sealed load cell made of stainless steel, ensure long lifespan and absolute weighing precision, even in conditions of exposure to extremely wet and aggressive environments with a risk of corrosion
  • The production of synthetic materials technology HBM weighing and batching in industrial production of synthetic materials
  • Livestock – we will make sure that your animals received the optimal dose of feed
  • Metallurgical industry – load cells from HBM provide reliable results even at high temperatures

The company's HBM provides load cells, weighing modules, electronics and software :

  • Control of filling level
  • Hopper weighing and batching
  • Weighing additives weighing and storage
Weight sensors HBM
Weigh modules HBM
Weighing electronics HBM

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